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Traditional Vs. Cosmetic Tattoo: What’s The Difference?

Waking up with lovely red lips, flattering eyeliner and perfectly shaped eyebrows has never been easier. Cosmetic tattoo Melbourne beauty clinics offer cosmetic tattooing which enables you to work all day, go to the gym, dance all night in the club and still have that fresh makeup look. Although both cosmetic and traditional tattoos implant colour into the skin, they are very different methods.

Traditional Tattoo

  • The machines used in traditional tattoos are very different than the ones used in cosmetic tattoos.
  • Traditional tattoo artists do not use anesthetic gels and creams to make the procedure less painful.
  • The tattoo inks are different from the cosmetic tattoo pigments.
  • The ink for traditional tattoos contains carbon which generally does not fade.
  • Traditional tattoos can fade with time, but do not panic as your preferred traditional tattoo will stay on your chosen spot for a lifetime.
  • The colours used in traditional tattoos are usually primary and secondary and are different than the colours used for the cosmetic tattoos.

Cosmetic Tattoo


  • The machines that cosmetic tattoo Melbourne centers use for cosmetic tattooing are different than the ones for traditional. Also, not all cosmetic tattoo machines look the same. Some use a pen tool, others a rotary and some even use a coil, just like traditional tattoo artists. Keep in mind that the skin on the face, especially the lips and eyes is very delicate and thinner than the skin from the rest of the body. Therefore, different machines and different levels of power have to be used for this purpose because the power that a traditional coil gun has could easily damage the delicate eye area.
  • Cosmetic tattoo needles are smaller and thinner so that the artist can create the needed fine lines and avoid causing trauma to the face. They are disposed after each use which means you do not have to worry about sterilizing them yourself.
  • Cosmetic tattoo Melbourne technicians use anesthetic gels and creams to make the procedure as painless as possible.
  • These tattoos fade over time and fade faster than traditional ones.
  • Some cosmetic tattoo Melbourne technicians use carbon for eyeliner in order to get the blackest black possible. However, this is a high risk because in time carbon can move under the skin which might make you look like your eyeliner has smudged. The thought of using a permanent ink for a cosmetic tattoo might seem good because you will not have to retouch it, but keep in mind that as we grow older the skin on our face changes.
  • In cosmetic tattoos generally are used more tertiary colours which are not as bright and are more suitable for the face.