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Toys Vs Electronics: Which is Better for Kids’ Playtime

There’s no such thing as childhood without playtime, that much we know though over the years a lot has changed in terms of what playtime is and the choice of toys specifically. We owe this to the change of lifestyles and the influence technology has however since as parents we want the best for our children it’s important to pay attention to the games and toys we allow them to play with.

Safety aside, there’s also the aspect of benefits which is why it’s important to evaluate whether the soft plush toys or the electronics make the better option. First of all, let’s say they’re very different considering plush toys have been around for centuries and are available in an extensive range, as in the example of panda soft toy, some toy-like, others surprising with their lifelike appearance, as opposed to the more recent and rather impersonal electronics.

Soft Panda Toy

Plush toys are educational, teaching kids about animals though their benefits go beyond this since they’re known to provide comfort thanks to their softness and are of help when you want to teach your little one how to be independent, building confidence especially when deciding to let him or her sleep in the kids’ room instead of mummy and daddy’s bed.

A toy like this is a great cuddly friend since the world around can seem scary, more so when sleeping in a room alone but along with providing support it allows children to play imaginative play as well as role-play and thus learn more about emotions and how to deal with them while at the same time get to expand the vocabulary as a result, improving the language and social skills helpful for school as much as any period in life.

Soft Panda Toy 2

Then there’s the fact a panda soft toy can be found in such a variety that there’s the ideal one for children as young as babies in sizes easily huggable which can’t be said about electronics. Sure, they’re really helpful with educating, there’s no denying as there are various games available created for the development of vocabulary, logic and problem-solving but the problem is there are disadvantages to using them.

Parents may be tempted to resort to screen time to get a little time on their own and some peace and quiet at home but a little can easily turn into a lot and before you know it you’re dealing with counter-effects like slower development of life skills, anxiety and behaviour issues, insomnia and even weight gain.

Soft Panda Toy 4

Electronics can’t be a substitute for actual playtime nor are they babysitting means, so if you do decide to provide your kids with screen time at least control it and set the time allowed daily, for instance half an hour – it’s all about the discipline.


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