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Teeth Crowns Vs. Implants

Stress, accidents and age can lead to broken or missing teeth. A normal tooth wear and tear can sometimes lead to dead nerve or cracked tooth. You can never regrown or relive your teeth, but fortunately, the dentistry offers a number of ways that can help you to restore the functionality of your teeth. In order to replace your lost or wear teeth, you can use either teeth crowns or implants.

Teeth Crowns Implants

Teeth Crowns. If there is a great amount of tooth left and if the majority of your teeth are healthy, you can put teeth crowns into place when a tooth is broken or suffered a bad cavity. Teeth crowns may be needed in the following situations:

  • To protect your teeth from decay and from breaking, and to effectively hold parts of a broken tooth
  • To restore already broken tooth or to replace a completely worn tooth
  • To support and cover a tooth with a special filing
  • To hold and support a dental bridge
  • To support misshapened teeth and for other similar purposes.

The teeth crowns may look like a natural teeth, and they can made of different materials, such as: metal, stainless steel, porcelain, all resin, ceramic etc. The gold teeth crowns were once fashionable and are still used for some purposes as they are the easiest teeth crowns for molding.

The teeth crowns are also used after root canal treatments. During this treatment, the drill goes straight into the root of the tooth. This procedure leaves the tooth very fragile and thin. Generally, after a root canal treatment, the tooth is supported with a metal band and then teeth crowns are installed to stabilize the teeth. The teeth crowns are matched with the original color of the remaining teeth.

Implants. Another way to replace a broken or missing tooth is to use implants. In this procedure, a titanium made implants are used to replace the wear teeth. Implants require little maintenance. This is one of the biggest benefits of the dental implants. When compared with the teeth crowns and teeth bridges which need to be replaced on every 10-15 years, high quality and titanium made implants can last for a lifetime. The implants can be used as a method to replace more than one missing or broken tooth. The dentist can use implants either to replace a single missing tooth or an entire denture. The dental implants are also easier to maintain. They can be easily cleaned and flossing is also possible.

Knowing the characteristics of every option can help you a lot to make a decision when comparing the teeth crowns and the dental implants. Every option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you need to consult with your dentist before making final decision.