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Synthetic Vs. Natural Supplements

The stressful and hectic life we live today does not allow us to consume all the necessary ‘ingredients’ our body needs on a daily basis. I am talking about vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as the basic fuel for the human body-machine. Hence, we practically ‘abuse’ the existence of dietary supplements, as we hope that this is the easiest and fastest way to give the body what is missing. But, the paramount question is: ‘Do we know everything about the proper use of supplements?’


Nutrition based on refined grains, unhealthy fats, high fructose corn syrup and sugars, is a poor nutrition indeed, and this is the right time to turn to supplements. But there is something beyond ordinary supplementing. What people need to know is WHICH supplement to choose from the bulk of supplement brands we are offered on the market. Commonly made mistake when it comes to this matter is the wrong selection between synthetic and natural supplements.

The sad truth is, people cannot really make a difference between a synthetic and a natural supplement product. They are dragged by the ‘commercial powers’ of the product and since they need fast results, they buy the first thing that comes their way. And that is a big no-no. To be honest, synthetic supplements are useless, even harmful for the health. Why? Because they are all laboratory-produced, made out of synthetic chemicals that human body cannot absorb as efficiently as the ingredients of natural supplements.

The absorption rate is the biggest problem when taking synthetic supplements. Better explained, 90% of the good nutrients (vitamins and minerals) gets flushed down the toilet. Synthetic supplement manufacturers forget that nutrients are absorbed only when combined with other specific nutrients. Thus, why many of the supplements we are using seem to be ineffective.

But, the battle is not lost, because there are some exceptionally effective and healthy supplements available in the world of natural supplements and organic food. In addition, I am going to explain why it is much better to consume natural vitamins and minerals instead of their laboratory-produced counterparts.

  • Natural supplements are made out of organic sources, featuring no coal tar and acetylene gas presence.
  • Their compounds are quickly, easily and effectively absorbed in the body.
  • The quality of vitamins and minerals is way beyond the quality of synthetic supplements.

By choosing a natural supplement, you invest in your good health. What I would also like to suggest to you is to eat healthy and nutritiously. Break away from commercially farmed food. Instead, consume plenty of fruits, veggies and fish, and drink purified water. This is the perfect formula to ensure a healthy, quality and long-lasting life.