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Style Tips on How to Wear a Kaftan: Casual vs Formal

When you are over 50, knowing what to wear and what to avoid, can help you stay stylish and more confident. A kaftan dress is a piece of clothing that any woman can wear – regardless of her age, size and shape. Ranging from simple to elaborate, sometimes including ribbons, zippers, buttons, belts, sashed or embroidery for more detail, kaftans usually come in vibrant colours, making them great for fun, colourful fashion statements.

Womens kaftans are not only stylish but they are also incredibly comfortable. These garments are often made from breathable, flowy fabrics and are designed for women of all ages and body types. They are ideal for hiding problem areas, including thighs and waistline. Whether you are a plus-size or skinny woman, you can wear these fashionable pieces without a doubt.

When it comes to how to wear a kaftan, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. The styling opportunities are numerous, meaning you can come up with lots of great looking outfits. Due to thier conservative design, most womens kaftans look formal, but that doesn’t mean you can wear them only at special events. On the contrary, you can try wearing caftans at work, make them look boho-chic inspired by adding bohemian accessories and even wear them at the beach. Here is how.

For Formal or Casual Occasions

picture of a woman leaned on a table wearing jeans, shirt and a kaftan

The material the kaftan is made of can make the piece inappropriate for the occasion. With that said, a kaftan made of cotton, silk or another natural fabric is definitely a great pick for a casual outing, such as a casual summer party on the weekend. Pair the dress with flat sandals, a soft shoulder handbag and a pair of large, designer sunglasses and you are good to go!

For a more formal event, such as an evening party, choose rayon, georgette, satin or silk kaftans. If you are comfortable with it, go for a more fitted design. For added allure, choose a kaftan made from layers of sheer fabric. To dress it up for even more formal instances, pair it with jewellery, like a gold or silver belt. Jewelled heeled sandals will help make a chic statement and add to the luxury feel of the outfit.

The length of the kaftan also makes it better suited for a casual or formal occasion. For example, a short kaftan paired with a pair of shorts or slim-fit jeans is an excellent choice for a casual outing. A long kaftan can be the perfect outfit to wear to a formal event, like a beach wedding or a cocktail party.

On the Beach

picture of woman in the beach wearing kaftan

Another popular way to wear a kaftan is to cover up on the beach. A kaftan made of a light, breeze fabric, is a superb option to accessorize your swimsuit or bikini. And if you are a bit self-conscious about your body in swimwear, a kaftan will help you look gorgeous while staying cool, and showing just as much skin as you feel comfortable with.

Bag it Well

Due to its loose fit, small bags and purses go well with kaftans. You can choose a clutch or a small purse in a shade that matches the colour of your kaftan. For a casual outing, you can look super trendy in a kaftan teamed up with a small purse. For an evening party, pair your long and shiny kaftan with a beautiful, sparkling clutch. The general idea is not to overdo the size of your accessories because you are already wearing a large-sized outfit.

The Perfect Shoes

picture of woman standing on sidewalk wearing stylish clothes

When it comes to pairing kaftans with ladies shoes, you can treat this dress the same way as any other dress style. For a casual look, you can wear sandals or espadrilles. Espadrilles are a common option to pair with kaftans as they are very comfortable and feminine and match this type of dress perfectly. To jazz up a kaftan dress, the ladies shoes option to consider are dressy sandals. You can opt for either nude or coloured sandals to match the colour of your dress.

Wearing a one-and-done piece like a kaftan is already simple enough, but the addition of a pair of sneakers will help you achieve a cool-girls vibe in one easy step. Whether you need it for going out for drinks with friends or out running errands, pairing kaftans with sneakers is the outfit formula you should keep in mind.

To bring this gorgeous summer piece in the mix for winter, pair it with thick stockings and ankle boots. The boots have the power to take the outfit from summer to autumn/winter while also adding a certain chic feel to the look. Look for boots in neutral colours such as black, brown and beige or in colours that match the kaftan. Opt for a soft boot style in a suede. You can also pair a kaftan with leather boots and a matching leather jacket.

One of the greatest things about kaftans is that they can be worn with any kind of shoes you imagine – from wedge sandals to a pair of high heels. Your shoe choice will depend on the look you want to achieve. Still, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a silk kaftan with wedges or luxurious silver high heels with a cotton kaftan.


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