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Stripping vs Crimping vs Cutting Weidmuller Hand Tools

There’s a saying that goes, “If you ever do something – do it right”, or something along those lines. This applies to every aspect in life, including when working on a large construction project, and even small DIY projects. With so many different types of tools on the market, it’s difficult to come across quality, even though quality can be a deal maker or breaker in terms of safety on a construction site.

There are a couple of quality Australian tools manufacturers and wholesalers, one of them being Weidmuller Australia. They develop and manufacture quality tools that meet the most stringent regulations and requirements for over 3 decades. They focus on developing solutions which will make your job easier and protect the user. For this reason, shopping from a single source can be invaluable when buying construction tools and equipment. Some of the processes Weidmuller Australia sells tools for include:



Weidmuller are known for their high quality stripping tools which come for various different types of wires, such as: multi-conductor cables, Teflon, silicone, wires insulated with PVC, coax cables and flat ribbon cables. You can easily perform sheathing and insulation tasks for flawless processing with a weidmuller stripper. One of their most renown strippers is the STRIPAX, which can also serve for cutting. It has self-adjustment properties for solid and flexible conductors with PVC insulation. The stripping length is adjustable through end stop, and its clamping jaws open automatically after stripping is performed.


After the stripping process is done, you need to crimp a suitable wire or contact end ferrule onto the end of the cable. Crimping makes a secure connection between contact and conductor and has replaced soldering for the most part. It denotes the creation of permanent, homogeneous connections between the connecting element and the conductor. Weidmuller makes quality crimping tools which easily form a reliable and secure connection in both electrical and mechanical terms.


There’s nothing as useful as quality cutting tool that can cut or punch through aluminium and copper cables with ease. Weidmuller sells cutting tools for different cuts and applications, including small cross-section with direct force and large diameter cuts. Weidmuller’s cutters are designed to cut with minimum effort required. Even their most basic cable cutter can make quality cuts thanks to its cutting formation for different sizes of cables, and it can cut without deforming the conductor. However, it can’t cut hard-drawn copper conductors, steel wires, aluminium alloy and steel-armoured cables.


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