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Stationary vs Portable Compressor

Compressed air was used since ancient times. Greeks used compressed air to open heavy temple doors, blacksmiths to heat metals, where as today we use it for all kinds of tasks from inflating tires to powering heavy duty tools. Air compressors these days come in different sizes, types, horsepower and PSI ratings. Although they all operate the same way and have the same purpose which is to compress air, there are important differences between different models and types. Thus, depending on the application, you should choose suitable type and model.


Two models of air compressors are available on the market: the stationary and the air compressor portable model. Which one to choose will mostly depend on the job requirements and where you plan to use it. Air compressor portable models make a better option if you plan to move the compressor from one location or job site to another. Whereas if you need to position the air compressor at one place, then the stationary model is the right option.

Portable Air Compressors

Air compressor portable models deliver compressed air anywhere needed, hence the name portable. Unlike stationary compressors, portable ones give greater freedom and flexibility in terms of usage. You will find a wide range of diesel portable compressors on the market that range from 100 to 1600 cfm. Some air compressor portable models include a single-axle, others tandem axle, three-axle or four-wheel steer. These models are simply designed to provide greater accessibility and reliability. Portable air compressors take less space than stationary ones. This feature does not really make any difference if working on an open site, but, if you need the compressor in a closed space (area), then size matters.

Stationary Air Compressors

Stationary compressors on the other hand, are more powerful than the portable ones. But, they need to be fixed at one place, mostly because they come with larger tanks that are hard to move from site to site. Unlike air compressor portable models, these store greater volume of compressed air. The more cubic meters, the easier is for the compressor pump to deliver the compressed air at the desired PSI. Overlook the size if you need uninterrupted air compressor for longer period of time. What makes stationary compressors less popular is the fact that they need to be fixated and wired to an electrical circuit.