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Skateboarding vs. Longboarding: What’s the Difference?

downhill-skateboardingSo you’ve finally decided to set your spirit free by becoming one of the cool kids in your hometown – the skaters. You’ve probably heard and seen that skateboarding is a fun, ruleless physical activity, which is one of the many things young people love about this popular pastime. However, there’s probably one thing that you haven’t quite figured out yet, and that’s the difference between skateboarding and longboarding. Don’t worry, this article will eliminate any confusion and misinformation you may have.

First of all, you must know that skateboarding and longboarding are two different recreational activities. Sure, they have some things in common (skateboarding and longboarding share the same origins and they both involve boards), but they have distinct differences which make them unique. Let’s start with the board. The skateboard is usually 76 cm long and the skateboard deck is curved upward on both sides. This makes skateboards ideal for performing difficult tricks such as “ollies” and “kickflips”.

The longboard, on the other hand, is longer (just like its name suggests). It’s approximately 130 cm long, but it can reach a size of 152 cm or more. The longboard has two narrow strips at each end instead of curves, which makes it more stable. When it comes to longboards Australia is full of physical and online stores that offer longboard completes, which means that finding the right one for you should be easy (in case you opt for longboarding).

Location-wise, skateboards are meant for skate parks, whereas longboards, thanks to their stability, are ideal for cruising the streets and for transportation. Yes, skateboards can be used for street riding, but they aren’t meant for this purpose because they aren’t stable on all kinds of terrains and aren’t comfortable for long-distance trips.

This means that if you want to purchase and start using a board as an affordable, healthy, eco-friendly, enjoyable, and lightweight means of transportation, then you definitely need a longboard. If, perhaps, you’re passionate about doing tricks and grinding, then skateboarding is the perfect choice for you. Speaking of grinding, you should know that this exciting activity can be quite dangerous and is generally illegal because of the material damage it can cause.

As you can see, skateboards are for those who want to perform maneuvers with their board that vary in difficulty and technique, whereas longboards are purchased for a much safer and smoother ride. There are plenty of reputable shops that sell skateboards and longboards Australia wide, which means that both skateboarding and longboarding are popular among young and free-spirited Australians.


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