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Should I Buy Chaise Lounge Or an Accent Chair?

I’ve been troubling my mind with this interior design dilemma: a chaise lounge or an accent chair? When it comes to choosing only one model of any furniture element, I instantly get frustrated because they’re all so good and beautiful in their own way and they’d all complement my rooms so good! But, in the name of my limited budget and a dose of class and style, I restrain my large appetites and concentrate on what will do most good to my overall room design.

So when I sat down to look through the online offer of chairs, my dilemma got even bigger. How do you I choose whether to buy chaise lounge, or an accent chair, when the offer in both categories is so large and versatile? So, I made a plus/minus list on both choices.

The chaise lounge

chaise lounge

I’m a person who loves practicality but would not compromise on style and design ever. My rooms were all designed with the help of an interior designer and one large box of interior design magazines, and everything I renovate, redecorate or change in them, is according to the expert advice of either a magazine, or a designer. Bottom line, I like everything to be practical and stylish. So the decision to buy chaise lounge is based on the fact that these chairs are large enough to offer the comfort of a small sofa, and stylish enough to offer the glamour of an accent chair. You can lay on them, use them as an extra seat or use them as the perfect chair for reading or enjoying an otherwise perfect view through your large windows or glass walls with a cup of coffee. Add to that scenery some chillax music and you can freely spend the afternoon in your perfectly designed lounge area.

The Accent Chair

accent chairs

The accent chair is also nice, large and very stylish as a matter of fact, although it doesn’t offer the same level of comfort. It’s a classic chair, which means you should either buy an ottoman if you want to stretch your legs, or you don’t stretch your legs at all – you see the reason for my obvious preference of the chaise lounge. However, an accent chair is a relatively small colour element, which means it will work as the perfect monotony breaker in a room of a certain colour pattern. Think beige base with the red accent chair acting as a focal point that instantly catches the eye.

So, if you’re facing the same dilemma, the obvious solution would be to follow your needs and that designer part of your intuition: what does it tell you, what will your space benefit the most from? And don’t forget: always consider the style of your room when combining it with a chair.