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Recliner Chair Vs. Chaise Lounge: Which One is Your Relaxing Chair?

If there’s something not to be taken for granted, it’s relaxation. Living in the modern day world isn’t as easy as some would have expected it to be; sure, we have all the technological advancements at our disposal, however life has become fast-paced with stress as a daily companion.

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A little stress every now and then is actually not that bad yet when it turns chronic that’s when health is at risk since it wreaks havoc on your body . To avoid this, it’s important to make up time to relax every day.

The kind of furniture you have has a say in how much relaxation you can count on which brings us to the choice between recliner chair and chaise lounge. What you immediately see is both options have a functional design that’s all about comfort and is stylish at the same time, available in a variety of materials perfect to blend in with your interior décor, but there are still considerable differences.

As can be guessed by the name, the recliner chair is created for providing you the comfort of reclining. Thanks to advancements in innovation, you have the possibility to position your recline angle and leg elevation in the way that suits you most, so even if you sit for long periods you wouldn’t get discomfort but rather change the position anytime to prevent pressure injuries.

One of the ideal positions available with these chairs is the zero-gravity (i.e. legs elevated above the heart) considered by doctors as the healthiest way to sit. This is so because it decompresses the vertebrae, rejuvenates the spine, improves the blood circulation and allows for relaxed breathing.

Besides, the chair is also designed for utmost lumbar support, allowing for postural control reducing the back pain, and makes sitting down and standing up much easier than conventional chairs. Now, when it comes to the chaise lounge, originally known as longue, the name implies it too – it’s all about the lounging.

As a design between couch and club chair, it’s available in both indoor and outdoor types, and conforms to the natural shape of the body without the need to use an ottoman to put your feet up. Though it’s available in a variety of styles, allows for adjustment and it is in reclining position, it’s not as versatile as the recliner in positioning, and that’s one of the basic differences which should help you decide between the two.


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