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Reality vs Expectations: How to Choose the Right WC Suite for Your Bathroom

One of the benefits of modern-day living is that you have a plethora of answers and solutions for everything. From mobile phones, tablets and laptops to sinks, basins and toilets, your options are limitless. However, having tons of options is a double-edged sword because choosing the right one can be a rather difficult task. This is especially true when choosing everyday objects for mundane purposes like using the bathroom for example.

If you think that choosing the right WC suite for your bathroom is easy-peasy, think again. Pipes, traps, pans, mounts, styles and set-outs are all here to make your toilet-hunt more complicated. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about how to choose the best toilet for your bathroom.

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What is a WC suite?

A WC suite is the fancier term for a fully functioning toilet. No matter what you call it, this is the most frequently used bathroom fixture that consists of a pan, a cistern and a flush.

The toilet pan, also known as the toilet bowl, is the base that you sit on. This base is connected to the wall or the ground depending on the trap. In Australia, the P-trap and the S-trap are the most commonly used pan types, but the Skew back pan can also be found in older homes. The P-trap has a waste pipe that connects to the wall, whereas the S-trap has a waste pipe connection in the floor. The Skew back pan is similar to the P-trap, but it has a waste pipe that turns 90 degrees to the left or right.

The part of the toilet that holds the water needed for flushing is called a cistern or a tank. The cistern can be mounted directly on the toilet pan, but it can also be concealed inside a wall or cabinetry.

The flush is the system that’s connected with the cistern and it releases the water after you use the toilet. The flushing mechanism is started with either a lever or a push button.

How to Choose a Toilet for Your Bathroom?

Before you choose the perfect WC suite style and design, there are several things you need to be aware of because they can significantly limit your choices.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a toilet for your bathroom is the plumbing. If you don’t plan to change the specific layout of pipes your house has, then it’s better to choose a toilet pan that suits the plumbing. Rebuilding the plumbing from scratch is a more costly and lengthy option, but if you have some extra time and money on your hands, it will give you the freedom to choose a WC suite of your liking.

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The pan type is the next little ‘problem’ that can further narrow down your options. P-traps, S-traps and skew back traps will not only determine how the pan is mounted, but they also have different ‘set-outs’.

A ‘set-out’ also known as ‘rough-in’ is a term used to refer to the distance from the wall to the centre of the waste pipe that connects to the floor (S-trap) or the distance from the floor to the centre of the waste pipe (P-trap.) Buying a toilet that fits the set-outs is important if you want to speed up the process and avoid moving the flange.

The final thing you should take into consideration is the space you’re working with. Anything too big or too small won’t only be inconvenient for use, but it can also affect the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Toilet Types

After you’re done with trap types and measurements, it’s time to choose the perfect toilet suite type for your bathroom.

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The close coupled toilet is used in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. It got its name because the tank and the pan are closely coupled together. Close-coupled toilets are affordable, easy to install and yet they come in all shapes and sizes. The Euro Rimless Close Coupled Toilet is a good option for almost any bathroom design. It has an S Trap pan with a 140mm set-out and a rimless base which is easy to clean and adds smoothness to the overall sleek design. This high-quality WC suite comes with a heavy-duty, quick release soft close seat, a WELS 4 star cistern and a ceramic pan.

The wall faced type is even neater than the closed coupled toilet because you can opt for a concealed tank and free up some space. Even if you choose to mount the tank directly on the pan, the result will be ultra-modern. If you’re not sure, check out the smooth design of Ollie, a rimless wall faced pan that comes with a concealed tank or a back-mounted one. Thanks to the uncompromised engineering and impeccable rimless design, Ollie delivers an effortless hygienic bathroom experience. This toilet suite also includes a toilet pan, seat and S-trap to suit 140-180mm set-out.

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If you decide to completely future proof your bathroom, you should choose a wall hung pan type. The Kali wall hung toilet has seamless and modern design along with advanced engineering. It just floats above the floor with no visible nooks and crannies to take away from the clean lines. Kali will undoubtedly add a sophisticated touch to any bathroom. Opt for a package deal that includes the toilet bracket and the push plate to save money.

Can a Toilet Refresh Your Bathroom Design?

Despite being one of the most used fixtures around the house, toilets are often overlooked when it comes to bathroom decoration. Since the WC suite is usually the first thing you notice when you enter a bathroom, it’s good to use it as an eye-appealing decoration. When browsing for toilet suites online, make sure you check different types, shapes and colours.

According to the latest trends in bathroom design, matte black toilets and tubs are back with a bang. Everyone expects to see a white toilet when entering a bathroom, so a black one will certainly grab everyone’s attention. The Lani matte black wall faced toilet is an excellent way to add a luxurious vibe to your restroom. The first-grade matte black graze will give a touch of sophistication, drama and chic.

If a black toilet is way too dramatic for your taste, choose cubical instead of an oval-shaped toilet. This will contribute to an overall modern look of your bathroom.

Of course, when searching bathroom toilets for sale, you shouldn’t forget about the hidden decor potential cistern buttons have as well. Chrome, brass, nickel, gold or black, choose a colour that will break up the look of your wall. For instance, pair a black wall hung toilet with a golden cistern button for an elegant aesthetic.