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Raising your garden from seed Vs. Buying Plants from Nursery

Plant nurseries are a great place to go when you want to go browse and buy plants for your own yard. The problem that most people have however, is that they are not sure how to tell apart a healthy plant from one that has already started to die and whether seeds or plants would be better for their homes. The key to making sure that you get great results is ultimately choosing a plant that is healthy from the beginning. Many people like plant nurseries because they have a huge variety of plants to choose from and there is so many plant nursery Melbourne wide. There are many pros and cons that come with buying both plants and seeds. Apart from knowing the pros and cons you should also know how to choose the healthiest ones.

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When it comes to plants, some of the pros include saving time as they are already ready to be transferred into your garden. You don’t have to worry about having enough space to keep the pots either seeing as they go straight into your garden. You also don’t have to worry about timing them either – the nursery has already taken this step so you can plant them as soon as you get them and harvest them when they are ready. Some of the cons include the cost, as they are more expensive than buying seeds. This is because someone has already gone through the trouble of growing them from seeds. You usually don’t have a large variety of plants to choose from as nurseries usually only cater to a few different types of plants.

When looking to buy plants make sure that they have been taken care of, avoid anything that is sitting on a hot sidewalk or anything that may not be getting watered evenly. If you are interested in buying and growing your own plants you can find so many plant nursery Melbourne wide. To find the nearest location near you simply search for one online.

Some of the pros that come with buying seeds include a larger variety than live plants. They also cost a lot less which is great for those of you who might be on a budget. You can also keep seeds until you need to plant them and you can continue planting them until you run out. Another pro to buying seeds is if you have a friend that buys different seeds, you can swap them so you can both have a little bit of everything. Once you learn how to grow seeds you will never have to rely on someone else starting them for you.

Some of the cons are that they take a lot of care before you can transfer them. You will also need more equipment and tools because you need to transfer them from pots to the garden. You must also have the timing right otherwise your seeds won’t flourish. Take your time when choosing out seeds, try and look for healthier ones in the batch.