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Professional Melbourne Hairdresser Vs. DIY Hairstyling


Keeping up with the latest trends and styles is a must for every woman. However, this costs money. Frequent visits to favorite Melbourne hairdresser will surely affect the ‘being pretty’ budget. Thus, many women decide to do own hair styling. But, will DIY hairstyling give the same results as visiting a professional Melbourne hairdresser? Here are few advantages of both, thus decide for yourself. However, keep in mind, if you want to cut your hair or install quality Remy hair extensions, always entrust a good Melbourne hairdresser to transform your look.

  • Blow-drying your hair at home might seem like an easy thing to do. However, it will take you longer and your hair will not look as good as it would if blow-dried in a professional Melbourne hairdresser salon. Conclusion – professional blow-dry is definitely worth the splurge.
  • Dyeing your hair at home is a big no-no. A professional Melbourne hairdresser mixes different highlights and lowlights to subtle the tones to best match your own hair and get the color that best suits you. The same applies if you have quality Remy hair extensions installed. Never color hair extensions yourself.
  • Women love clip in hair extensions because they instantly add length and volume to the hair without spending hours in a Melbourne hairdresser salon. Moreover, clip in hair extensions are quite easy to attach and remove on your own. Therefore, if you are a fan of clip in hair extensions, no need to visit your Melbourne hairdresser every time you need to attach or remove them.
  • However, if you prefer quality Remi hair extensions, it is better to let your professional Melbourne hairdresser attach them to your hair. You will certainly not do a good job, because quality Remi hair extensions require the right tools, special products and skills. Also, when you decide to remove your Remi hair extensions, have your Melbourne hairdresser do this for you. He/She has the special products that can break the bond which connects your hair and extensions without damaging your hair.
  • When it comes to coloring your Remi hair extensions, because they can be treated as natural hair, you can dye them on your own.
  • If you’d like some highlights, even though there are many DIY kits, it is best to rely on the skills of a professional Melbourne hairdresser.
  • You probably don’t need to visit your Melbourne hairdresser every time you need to trim your hair or cut your bangs. If you are good at this, perfect. No need to waste your money on services of a professional Melbourne hairdresser. 


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