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Prepackaged Vs. Stainless Steel Water Bottles – The Eternal Battle

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…but do you feel good? Well, time to rise up and start fresh. And there is no greater refreshment to start the day with than a glass of water. Yes, it is the savior from bad mood, hungover, fatigue and oh so many other things. Maybe the first thing in the morning that you feel like doing is hitting the gym? If so, great start of the day I may say. But you should definitely not leave your home without a bottle of water to refresh you through your sessions and to help you gain back your strength to face the challenges of the day ahead of you. Stainless steel water bottles are the ideal company for your long treadmill journeys and jogging sessions.


There have been many debates over the past few years whether it is better to drink water from pre-packaged bottles, or we should consume it from stainless steel water bottles. There are pros and cons for each case a

Each should think of water as an essential nutrient the body needs, and as a replacement of the large amounts that is lost during the activity time. The reasons why you should drink water are endless, that is why it is of great importance to carry a bottle of water with you, whenever you go. The market and Internet sites are overflowed with varieties of water bottles, from stainless steel water bottles to safe-plastic ones,that come in different sizes, colours and shapes. So, before you choose the most suitable one for your needs,think twice and compare why carrying reusable water bottles is better than one-use pre packaged ones.


Here are the main reasons why stainless steel water bottles are better:

  • Reusable water bottles that you can purchase on the market today, are made of stainless steel, aluminum or poly-carbonate (safe plastic bottles). One of the reasons why they are better to use, is mainly for the environment we are surrounded by. The amount of fossil fuel and toxins released into the air is reduced and we have fresher and oxygen filled atmosphere.
  • Tap water, that is refiled over and over in these bottles, certainly has higher quality taste and is better for drinking, instead of bottled one. In fact, much of the water in pre packaged bottles, is simply filtered tap water from the city near you.
  • Even though, the bottled water you buy it from the local store or gas station is regulated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it is not your safe choice, why, mainly because these water bottles can contain chemical components, which can be very very harmful for your health and even are one of the factors that can cause cancer or hormonal imbalance. The material of the reusable ones, however, gives no risk of leaching or off-gasing.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel water bottles, both made to last longer, are not prone to damage by heat or sun and can be cleaned with just warm, soapy water and soft bottle brush.
  • The pre packaged bottles,on the other side, crack easily when they are dropped, and wear out too fast.
  • The budget is an issue too. Reusable version bottles are money saving product that can keep you hydrated while going on hiking trips, driving to your office or when doing push-ups in your gym. Pre packaged bottles can cost you a lot, and instead to spend the money buying piles of bottled water, you can go on unforgettable two-day trip with your family or friends.

To conclude, beside the above mentioned reasons, buying these stainless steel bottles can add more style to your look, can safe you from additional expenses and at the same time can help you decrease your carbon footprint.
Don’t wait for more convenient reasons, simply browse on the Internet sites and purchase reusable bottle that best describes YOU.