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Pre Workout Supplements vs Post Workout Supplements

If you are someone who has just started working out, then you know that supplements you take mean a lot. Over the last few years post workout supplements and pre workout supplements Australia wide have been booming. This is undoubtedly because of the results they have shown. They give your body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs before and after a workout that you might not be aware of. They also get you to your dream body and fitness a lot faster than just eating a balanced diet. Below we’ll go over which pre workout and post workout supplements you should be taking as well as what nutrition you should be consuming so you can get a better understanding of what you should add to your routine.


Pre Workout Supplements & Nutrition

Carbohydrates are your bodies preferred source of fuel. Now a lot of people may argue over this whether we should be eating them or not, whether they make you fat, and a whole lot of other issues. They can be stored as fat, so you should never eat more than your supposed to and make sure to spread them out evenly during the entire day. You should also plan in advance to eat your carbohydrate intake around your workout. You also want to stick to complex carbohydrates like oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. They help to keep your blood sugar levels up and also help keep you glycogen levels full before you start training. If you consume carbs before a workout, try to do so, at least, one hour before training and it’s best to have already eaten two meals before you go on to exercise.

Fast absorbing protein is another thing you should be consuming before your workout. When we say fast absorbing protein we are of course talking about whey protein. It has a considerably faster absorb rate compared to other protein supplements. Without enough protein in your body, you will end up burning off muscle which can cause to be a problem for those of you who want to gain muscle. You should optimize your protein intake depending on what you’re trying to achieve. There are also many varieties of protein pre workout supplements Australia wide for you to choose from.

Creatine monohydrate is used to optimize energy levels and to make sure you are working out at maximum levels. If you are someone who is looking to improve their strength then you should seriously consider adding this to your pre workout routine. Using a creatine supplement will give you more energy when training meaning you can go harder, longer, and easily complete more reps. The timing doesn’t need to be absolute – you can use a creatine supplement whatever time you want to during the day. About 2-5 grams is the normal amount for someone who has been taking creatine for a while, but if you are someone who just started working out then we suggest loading up on 20-30 grams every day for about 4-5 days to see results instantly.


Post Workout Supplements & Nutrition

Protein is a supplement that is vital for the growth and repair of tissue. Using a post workout protein supplement is a great way to ensure that your muscles repair, recover, and grow as quickly as possible. Whey protein is once again a popular choice as the body absorbs it very quickly. Many recent studies, however, have shown that a combination of both fast and slow absorbing proteins would be best after a workout, for example, a mixture of both whey and casein. To get the best after workout protein mix, you should consume 40 grams of both whey and casein.

BCAAs, as we know, are the preferred method to get the amino acids that your muscles use for fuel. BCAAs are a mixture of leucine, isoleucine & valine which work wonders for your muscles. Some people might not include this in their after workout routine but they should definitely consider it, especially if you are someone who is cutting out on calories. You can’t really get your measurements wrong with the supplement, just don’t try drinking the whole container. A good recommendation would be to consume about 10 grams after your workout.

Last but not least fast carbohydrates are an optional part that you might want to include in your post workout routine. After a hard workout, your blood sugar and glycogen are low so you might want to top up with some fast acting carbohydrates. Many people overlook the importance in replenishing your blood sugar balance and glycogen. Adding fast acting carbohydrates to your post workout will spare protein, spike insulin, speed up recovery, and replenish your glycogen levels. This is, of course, optional and you should always optimize your pre workout and post workout routine to what you need to achieve your goals.