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Pouf Vs. Bean Bag: Bring Comfort and Style to Your Outdoor Space

So many people, so many homes. Homes are the direct reflection of every individual, as every person has a way of decorating the living nest. Now with the many sources of inspiration both in electronic form, through the many internet websites and decorating tips, and the good old magazines, we’re all prone to becoming decorators on our own. However, while we pay attention to the interior décors, we often forget to give our outdoor spaces the makeovers they deserve.

Have you figured why is it that your outdoor area looks somewhat stale and monotonous? It’s got to do with comfort, or rather lack of it. If you want to turn your outdoor area into a happy and ideal place to stay when in need of fresh air, be sure to amp up the comfort. Regardless of the size of your space, whether big or small, it’s always better to choose something that’s compact yet still comfortable.

Items that are the combination of both are the pouf and bean bag. Comparing the two, what would you prefer to give a chance to? For one, the pouf offers a wider range of styles, shapes, and sizes, taking into account outdoor Moroccan pouf is gaining popularity. Then again, the bean bag has a shape that can be moulded. However, when comparing materials they are made of, bean bags are more of the products that are made of toxic materials, like the vinyl and expanded polystyrene (EPS) which can be cancerous. Natural alternatives of EPS, like recycled EPS pellets, are short life-spanned.

Outdoor Moroccan pouf, and other types of styles of pouf for that matter, are made of comfortable materials, leather and velvet being some of them, and are the more durable option given that bean bags can lose their shape and go flat over time. While bean bags are rather modern in style, poufs, or also known as pouffes, are older furniture pieces, part of interiors for centuries, something that the name itself shows considering it’s an imported word from French in the 19th century, meaning something that’s puffed out.

The bean bag is comfortable of its own as a seating, not that different from the pouf but in the aspect of multi-purpose, the pouf can’t be outmatched. Used as a low seat outside, it can also be paired with a bigger chair and serve as footstool, and same as the ottoman, as a table. Poufs bring about a vibe of relaxation, so no matter how formal an area might be, bring in a pouf and it’ll spice things up. After all, what would you need an outdoor area for if it’s not at all meant to add to your relaxation?