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Placemats vs Coasters: Protect Your Furniture with the Right Homeware

If you want to keep your furniture in good shape for years to come, you’ll need to protect it properly. After all, if you’ve spent a lot on a brand-new dining table, it would be a shame if it got damaged by something like food stains. Coming up with appropriate covers, like placemats and coasters, would be a smart idea. Keep reading to find out more about these items, as well as which ones to choose for your home!

What’s the Purpose of Placemats?

These helpful homewares have two main functions – protection and decoration. They’re convenient and stylish alternatives to the conventional tablecloth. They let you highlight the beauty of your table as they don’t cover it completely.



Get yourself a set of classy table placemats and step up your dining experience! These items come in a variety of designs, colours, and materials. They’re available in both solid colours and gorgeous prints.

If you already have a stunning dining table, a tablecloth will hide all of its beauty. On the other hand, by using these trendy homewares, you will protect its surface and accentuate its features. Pay attention to the elements of your interior design and buy placemats that complement them.

You can even get several different designs and use them for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. Placemats also help you celebrate different seasons. Select a tropical table placemats pattern for the upcoming summer and watch your space come to life!

In some instances, it’s quite effective to use both types of table coverings. For example, placing your placemats on top of the tablecloth adds some refinement, formality, and a colourful effect.

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The second main function of these homewares is to shield your dining table from food and beverage spills. Additionally, they protect its surface from extremely hot or cold items, as well as scratches and dents caused by sharp items. Coasters and placemats offer protection for all table surfaces, including those made of wood, marble, lacquer, and stone. They also reduce noise from objects like plates, cups, glasses, and silverware when you move them around or set them down on the table.

How Do I Pick the Right Placemat?

Today’s online market is filled with many different homewares, which makes it difficult to select the right placemats for your home. There are several factors to consider when choosing these homewares, such as their size, design and material.

The ideal size should accommodate each diner’s plate, drink or cup, and utensils. Although the rectangular design is the most popular, these table coverings come in many different shapes. Sizes for round table placemats range anywhere from 30 cm to 38 cm in diameter, while the rectangular designs are even more versatile.

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To choose the right colour and style, you need to examine your interior design. Take a good look at your home’s colour scheme, as well as certain design elements, such as your decorations and wallpaper design. You don’t necessarily have to match the colours, but getting a similar hue would be helpful.

Lastly, manufacturers use tonnes of different materials to produce these items. My personal favourites are coated MDF placemats. What makes this material so good is the fact that it’s smooth, durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly!

What’s the Difference Between Coasters and Placemats?

If you’re looking for a set of homewares to protect your coffee table from simple drink spills and water rings, then you will need some coasters! These items protect your table surfaces from “sweaty drinks”, such as beer, soda, water, juice, etc. Condensation on the cup, bottle, or mug leads to the formation of those annoying water rings. Your chilled beverage will condense as a liquid to the surface if the temperature is below the dew point. It’s now all drippy and it may leave a puddle underneath!

In comparison to placemats, coasters are much smaller. They not only shield tables from liquid stains, but also from nicks and scratches that some mugs and glasses leave behind. This happens especially if you often move your drink.

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With all of that in mind, placing a coaster down before placing your drink simply makes sense. You’ll simultaneously receive interesting house décor while keeping the table surface spotless!

There’s proof that coasters are necessary when placing down a cold drink. Just think of a wooden party table that’s had a glass of ice-cold water on it without a coaster for more than 24 hours. As a result, the wood becomes discoloured and damaged. Even after cleaning, the surface will still have some discolouration and residual water marks. In the worst-case scenario, the paint will also start to peel away.

The purpose of the coaster is to act as a physical barrier between the condensation at the bottom of the drink and your lovely furniture. So, use a coaster next time before setting your drink down!