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Picture Frames: How to Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Room Décor

Photo frames come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to complement the overall look of your room décor and create an inviting atmosphere. They are an extension of the art and can add a personal touch to any corner of your home.

But when it comes down to choosing the right picture frames that will match your home décor and art pieces, things can get a bit confusing. This article is here to guide you through the process and help you pick the best frames for your photos and home.

Choosing the Right Picture Frame for Your Walls

What’s Your Room Décor?

premium black timber picture frame
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To create a cohesive look in your room, determine whether your interior is leaning toward a certain texture and colour scheme. For instance, natural wooden furniture and wooden pieces go best with natural wood frames.

Now, that’s not to say that metal frames or any other material do not work with wooden furnishings. You can match frames made from different materials with wooden furniture very well. For example, you can combine timber picture frames black or silver and gold metal designs for a sleek and modern look.

What’s the Colour of Your Walls?

Consider this when choosing picture frames if you want to harmonize the look of your room. You don’t want to pick a frame that is the same or similar colour as the wall. The colours will blend and create a washed look that is not aesthetically appealing. Instead, use contrasting frame colours to that of the wall to accentuate the art piece.

What’s the Colour Tone of the Art?

When picking a frame, look at the overall tone of the photo you want to showcase to find something suitable. Analyze all the colours displayed in the art. See if the overall tone of your photo is leaning more toward the cool or the warm side. Cooler tones work best with silver and metallic frames while warmer tones are great to pair up with golden frames.

Another way to find a matching frame is to pick one colour from the painting that is not the focal point of the art but is still overall present throughout the picture. Find a colour frame same or similar to the colour and use a white mat to avoid blending the frame with the colour of the art.

Pick Picture Frames in Black for an Everlasting Elegance

black picture frame in bedroom
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Black picture frames are a great way to elevate your space and make it look expensive. Black is timeless, classy and elegant and you can never go wrong with it. Black frames help you to create a sleek and sophisticated look and can add contrast to your colourful art pieces.

If you think about displaying white and black photos, black frames are the ideal fit. It adds just the perfect contrast for the colours to pop and accentuate the overall picture. Black works with nearly every other colour from the spectrum.

Black frames also go great against white walls. Hang them on white walls to create contrast and make a statement in your home. Now you have an everlasting combination that never goes out of style.

Use them to showcase your bold and colourful artwork, abstract pieces or minimalist paintings, graphic prints, historical artwork, pop culture art, comic or vintage photos – the possibilities are endless. Black frames are so versatile, therefore, if you ever feel unsure of how to style your home and don’t know what colours to start with, you can’t go wrong with black.

There are various ways to style black frames. You can use different shapes and sizes, or mix wooden black frames with metal (aluminium) black frames for a playful yet, sophisticated look. Use frames in the same shape and size to keep a cohesive look.

Or you can create a gallery wall by matching frames of different heights and widths to add a creative twist to your photos. You can even mix black and white frames for a timeless look that will work with any other style and décor in your home.

There are different formats to choose from for your picture frames starting with A1 format and to A5 and various sizes. There are also customizable options offering standard and non-standard sizes to help you achieve the look you want.

Use Picture Frames in White for a Bright Aesthetic

blank white picture frame
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White frames are also a classic and timeless choice for displaying your favourite photos and art pieces. Just like black, white frames work very well with different colours and can make the colour pop within a picture. If you have a chaotic and dramatic art piece sitting in your home that you’re afraid of displaying, framing in white will create a sophisticated look and add depth to the artwork.

White frames are also great If you want to add brightness to your room or achieve an airy atmosphere. They bring a luxurious feel to any home and are the perfect option for creating a minimalist look.

Choose Picture Frames in Neutral Colours for Soothing Appeal

There are several reasons why neutral-coloured frames might work for you. First things first, not everyone is keen on strong or opposite colours and that’s understandable. If you want to keep a simple and neutral look, a beige or wood colour frame is a safe option.

Going with neutrals is also a great choice if you’re a minimalist who wants to avoid colour saturation. Neutrals complement the aesthetic appeal of the overall look of your room. Also, using neutral-coloured picture frames is a good idea if you plan on renovating your home or replacing the existing furniture.

It’s a safe way to ensure your frames will work with any other style you choose for your home. Another reason to use neutrals is if the artwork is painted in dramatic and bold colours.

Add Colourful Picture Frames for a Vibrant Touch

colourful picture frames
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Don’t be afraid of using bold colours to make a statement and add a personal touch to your home. You can mix frames of different colours to create an eclectic or boho style. Also, if you feel that your home is saturated with monochrome colours and feel like switching things up, use colourful frames to break down the monotone look. Try several frames in different colours to see which ones work best with your home atmosphere.

Mix Styles

More often than not, many people think that if you pick one type of picture frame, you must stick to it. But that doesn’t need to be the case. You can mix up frames with different finishings and patterns to mimic the different furnishings in your house. Whether you combine glass frames with metal or wooden frames or mix simple designs with bolder patterns, most of the time it all comes down to personal taste.

Choose the Right Mat Board for Your Picture

Do you know that choosing the right mat board can greatly influence the overall appearance of your photo? Matting boards help to break down the blending of similar colours on picture frames and artworks by providing a contrast between the art and the frame.

You can pair the mat with picture frames of any material and colour. The combo of black or silver frame and white mat board is a great idea if you go for an elegant and sophisticated look. White matting also works great with white frames for a clean and classic look.

Matting boards come in various colours and thicknesses and you can pair them up with nearly every art piece. Also, the thickness of the mat you choose will highly depend on the thickness of the art piece and acrylic glazing. Regardless of the combination you pick, coordinate the mat and the framing for a harmonized look.