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Photo Tiles: Our Tips for Creating Your Own Wall Art

Photographs are the most beautiful reminder of all the people and moments that left an imprint in our lives. Just one look upon them and we are taken back into all those precious times and places that captured parts of our souls. Cherished moments of joy, insight and inspiration are always worth reliving.

What Are Photo Tiles?

woman smiling and putting picture tiles on the wall
source: photo.jessops.com

They are the latest innovation in the world of popular photography – photos printed onto new materials that are lightweight, durable and modern. What’s more, well-chosen picture tiles give you a chance to surround yourself with your precious memories, but in a new way, combining them in ever-changing arrangements.

What Are They Made of?

You can find them in a lot of versions. Materials used in their construction vary from foam, wood, and magnetized durable plastic, to cardstock paper, but the surface is always high-quality printed. Their colours will withstand the test of time – vibrant and fresh for the years to come.

Why Choose Photo Tiles?

decor of picture tiles on the wall
source: storyboards.io

What makes photograph tiles different from all the other ways of displaying your memories?

Different Sizes and Shapes

You have so many options to choose from here. For shapes, there are hexagonal-like beehive cells or squares and rectangles like in the old classical style. And when we add all the different sizes, the combinations you can make are endless. Create a display of two large and four smaller, one large, two medium and small, or choose a pack of 3,6,9, or even 15 small ones (20x20cm) and arrange them in a way that captures everybody’s attention.

Frames Are Optional

If you still prefer your photos framed, there’s no problem – frames in grey, black and white editions are at your disposal. Metal or wood – it’s for you to choose. For those not feeling so old-school, the new frameless fashion trends are there, too. Just pick the way you like it.

No Holes – Just Sticks

You don’t have to worry about destroying your wall – there’s no need for hammers and holes. Photo tiles stick to the wall with the help of adhesive strips on the back that leave no residue. You can place and remove them from the position several times and they will still have the same adhering quality. This is ideal for smooth, painted walls, wallpapers or glass. Yet, don’t leave the strips exposed open for too long, they can dry out.

You Can Create Them on Your Own

Online and desktop designers make this process so easy. Choose the photos you want to use and the new décor is just a few clicks away. Or download the designing app for your smartphone and start creating immediately, while you are on the move. Whenever the inspiration comes, select the pictures and the app will lead you all the way through the process.

One Pack – Many Looks

Picture tiles give you a unique opportunity to create your own wall art that doesn’t have to stay the same. On the contrary, it can constantly evolve and change. Just rearrange them and get a different story.

Organize your pack of nine in a 3×3 matrix and when you need another look, mix them up and put them in a line. Or order your hexagonal tiles in the perfect symmetry of the beehive and then break the rules and make an asymmetrical form.

What about a combination of a few different sizes with square and rectangular shapes? The possibilities are endless.

Tips for Creating Your Photo Tile Wall Art

woman putting on the last picture tile on the wall
source: opiqo.sg

How can you create your perfect wall? Check on these tips and get inspired.

Choose the Right Photos

The first thing you have to do is to select images that bring sweet memories and make your heart warm. It may be that loving look in your partner’s eyes, a precious moment with your friends or that snapshot on the top of the mountain. The key is to choose photos that bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

Plan Your Layout

  • Be creative. You have the freedom to choose: symmetrical, asymmetrical, a matrix or a line.
  • An impressive picture in large format, with high stylistic expression will create a focal point in your room.
  • The tiles placed in two rows above the couch in the living room can remind you of the adventures you had on your last holiday.
  • Your family story would be much more interesting with a group of photos lined up in a row and the letters of the word “love” between them.

Find the Right Place

Do you have a plain wall that needs refreshment? A colourful firework of your latest artistic creation will catch everybody’s eye. Does your hallway need cheering up? Let your guests enjoy the visual story of your life unveiled in the gallery of the most important events caught in the picture. What about your office? Tiles with famous motivational quotes will inspire you to work more. And those soft, loving photos will transform your bedroom into a cosy, calming shelter, a place evoking peace and serenity.

Consider the Lighting

The choice of pictures is crucial, but without good lighting, it all goes down. So, take into consideration if the place you have decided to decorate has enough light that will allow you to enjoy the complete beauty of your display. Choose a well-lit room or if the area is with limited natural light, find a way to lighten up the pictures so you can produce the desired visual impact.

Mix and Match Your Photos

You’ve read everything and got inspired. Now, let’s bring that vision to life. Create and order your custom photo tiles, choose the layout and place them on the wall. If you don’t like the first version – try another one, until you make it perfect. This stunning display you have created will last as long as you want, and after that – mix, match and create something new.

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

And finally, don’t be selfish – pic tiles are not for your eyes only. They are a perfect gift for all occasions: birthdays, graduations, and weddings. So, choose the photos, create the gift and make your friends smile. There is nothing like a beautiful reminder of the moments that you will cherish forever.