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Persian Oriental Rugs: Complete Your Decor with Colour, Texture and Coziness

Even though they’re traditional for the Middle East cultures, oriental Persian rugs found their way to many home décor trends of the 21st century. And it’s no wonder why so many home interior experts got hyped over these rugs, considering the plethora of colours and appealing designs they come in. So, if you were about to incorporate a cute oriental rug into your home décor, but you have no idea where to start from, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We put together a couple of tips you may find useful when decorating with a lovely oriental, Turkish style rug.


Make it a Focal Point

Whether you’re buying new furniture for your home, or you only want to add a new decorative element that will refresh the entire room appearance, Persian rugs are always a good focal point that will make a statement and elevate the ambience by adding interesting pops of colour. 

However, according to many interior design experts, it’s best to choose an oriental rug and then design everything else based on it if you want to get the most out of your new focal point element. This is due to the fact that oriental rugs feature very unique designs. Some of them even feature intricate details that are very hard to pair with different furniture and home décor elements.

But as much as it can be difficult to incorporate a colourful Persian rug into your existing home interior design, starting from scratch gives you an endless range of opportunities. So, don’t hesitate to wake up the interior designer in yourself and choose a gorgeous design you can turn into the ultimate statement-making piece.

Match it with Different Styles of Furniture

But whether you’re designing your living space from scratch or you’re just looking for a lovely Turkish carpet to spice up the décor, we have some good news for you. These rugs may be extra unique, but they can be matched with a bunch of different interior decorating styles if you’re creative enough. Wondering how? The key is exactly to follow your furniture and overall room design style. 


For instance, if you want to incorporate a lovely Persian rug into your contemporary living room, it’s recommended to get a more minimalistic design featuring interesting geometric shapes. On the other hand, if your room features a more traditional, mid-century look, make sure you get a colourful Persian rug featuring an eclectic and over-dyed design. Even though these rugs are considered traditional, feel free to wake up the creativity inside of you and tailor your Persian rug to match your living space’s style.

Find a Similar Colour Palette

One of the most important rules when decorating with oriental rugs is to match the colour palettes of each of the room elements. Luckily, these rugs can be found in every single colour palette existing, so you won’t struggle to incorporate it into your existing room design or find the appropriate furniture for the rug you picked.

At this point, there’s only one rule to follow. Even though these rugs can come in a plethora of different intricate designs and colours, they usually feature only one or two background colours that are dominant. The key is to use these colours as accent shades and pair them with furniture or elements featuring a similar shade palette.

turkish kilim

 As much as sprinkling an accent colour between intricate colourful details seems like a bad idea, you’ll see how all the details come together once you take a look at the entire “composition”.

Mix it with Complementary Patterns

If you want to truly spice up your living space, then make sure you skip plain colours and feel free to mix your Turkish style rug with a bunch of interesting patterns. And as much as mixing different patterns may seem like the worst idea ever, know that you’re wrong. As long as you follow a couple of expert tips and recommendations, you can make your Persian rug go perfectly well with different patterned elements.

In fact, the key to mixing different patterns is to break them. For instance, if your oriental style rug features lavish details and different patterns, it’s best to pair it with something that is more structured such as geometric shapes, stripes and even polka dots. But when it comes to simpler and finer designs, you can feel free to incorporate any eye-catchy patterns such as bold artwork pieces, intricate pillows and even curtains in different patterns. 

However, make sure you don’t overdo with too many different patterns. If any of the elements you chose feels like too much, don’t hesitate to skip it or break it down with an element in a neutral colour. At the end of the day, it’s better to keep it simple than to overwhelm the entire room and ruin the natural flow and cohesion of the elements.

Multiple oriental-rug

Get Multiple Rugs

If throwing a single Persian rug among your living space elements doesn’t seem enough, you can always double up the spice and add multiple rugs at once. However, have in mind that this only works in more spacious rooms that are lacking personality and seem cold and uncovered. But if you decided to spice up your room with more than just one Persian rug, know that just throwing them around randomly won’t achieve the desired effect but make your room feel unorganized instead.

So, before you place any rug in your large room, take a careful look and think about separate elements you want to enhance. For instance, a Persian rug will look outstanding next to your charming fireplace or some antique piece you want to emphasize. However, make sure you don’t overpower these elements and carefully pick the size, colour and design of the rug.

Now that you have a couple of ideas for decorating, don’t hesitate to hit your favourite carpet or homeware store to get a gorgeous Persian style rug and make your living space look ultimately stylish.


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