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Parenting Dilemma: Inspire vs Require (How Can we Make Kids Spend More time Outside)

A lot of parents complain about their kids not spending enough time outdoors. But although they say this, they keep on buying them more console or computer games, new tablets and other high-tech gadgets. What they should do instead is give them a reason to go outside and spend time socializing with other kids and have a healthier lifestyle overall. One such inexpensive way to make your kid want to go outside can be buying him one of the wide array of maxi micro scooters.


They are a fun way to get around for both kids and adults and are an extremely practical alternative to bicycles. But before you purchase one for your kid, there are many things you have to consider – the number of wheels, the material, size and even the colour.

Number of Wheels

Maxi micro scooters have either two or three wheels and what type you should buy for your kids should mainly depend on how much experience he has. A three wheel scooter offers more balance, but is less maneuverable and can’t reach higher speeds. The three wheel scooters are suitable for younger kids at preschool age, while the two wheel models are more suitable for kids who already have some riding experience and want to scoot at higher speeds.


Body Materials

The materials a scooter is made of can vary, the most popular ones being aluminium or stainless steel. The reasons they are the most popular choice is their durability and flexibility. Aluminium is a slightly better choice due to being lightweight. Stainless steel on the other hand is not that much lightweight which might make the scooter less convenient for carrying when not in use.


The scooter consists from a deck (or platform), a handlebar, a brake and wheels. The quality of each one is very important for its proper functioning.

  • The wheels – Most modern wheels come with a hard-wearing urethane surface and a machined aluminium core. Most manufacturers produce wheels in a wide array of colours so that you can match them with your handlebar grips and your deck if you wish to.
  • The platform – The most commonly used material is anodised aluminium because it is hard-wearing. They can be either one piece of two piece and both styles are equally strong.
  • The handlebars – Since your kid is likely to outgrow the scooter fast, the best way to go around the problem is with adjustable handlebars. The standard “T” design is most popular but there are other types available as well. Some have a pair of diagonal struts from stem to bar to give them more strength.
  • The brakes – More often than not, the brakes are fitted to the deck. They comprise of the brake itself and a bolt running horizontally through the bottom.