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Paperwork Storage at the Office: Plastic Bins vs. Archival Bins

Working in an office teaches you plenty of things. First of all, it teaches you that you are capable of leading a sedentary lifestyle for about eight hours per day, then you learn you get accustomed to an occasional back and neck pain as a result, unless you are provided with the adequate ergonomic office furnishings, and of course you get used to sharing the space with a colleague or two, which is when you get to appreciate the benefits of air-purifying plants.

Another thing daily life at the office is sure to point you out is the importance of proper storage and organising of paperwork. In relation, you get the knowledge of choosing the much-needed storage bins, which is exactly the purpose of this post. Speaking of bins, you’re going to come across two options: plastic bins, and specialised archival ones.

Plastic Bins

What can be said about plastic bins first, is of course, they are much more affordable than archival bins. Then there’s the great variety and versatility of plastic bins, so along with finding them in different colours (grey, green, yellow, blue, and red) which can further ease your organising with colour-coding, you can also find them in more sizes (up to six to be exact), as well as styles.

Though we’re talking about plastic, you can have your peace of mind knowing your paperwork is safely stored thanks to the internal hanging rail, lockable lid, or security cable ties, making even storage of suspension files easy. This isn’t the only thing taken in mind when the design was intended to simplify and secure paperwork storage, as they can also come with skate dollies, making transportation piece of cake.

Another aspect to convince you to opt for this choice is the fact you can find plastic bins in an instant, including those that are fit for standard shelving. Then again, they don’t make for conditions perfect for bacteria, mould, and pest growth, thanks to the non-absorbent surface. Now, a word or two about the specialised archival bins. As I mentioned before, they are the expensive variant – about two to three times more expensive.

Yes, they are sturdy, made of materials that have no harmful chemicals, meaning they won’t damage the paperwork, however, this doesn’t go for all archival bins, as they vary in quality too; worst thing is paying for the quality, and not getting it. Some of them aren’t even as durable as the plastic ones.

This leads us to the importance of extensive research on your behalf, looking up information on archival bin manufacturers, and brands, to ensure what you buy is really worth it. Whether you find the post biased, or not, I’m rooting for the plastic option.