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Packaging Tape Vs Duct Tape


Tape may seem as quite simple tool with a limited range of usage, but this is far from the truth. Tape comes in a wide range of colours, sizes, adhesive strengths and types that it is very hard to picture a job that would be easier to handle without a tape. Although a versatile tool, not every type of tape is appropriate for every application. Thus selecting a tape that isn’t designed for certain task will most likely result in lack of adhesion or a sticky residue that is almost impossible to remove. As mentioned above, there is a wide range of tapes available, but the most commonly used ones certainly are the duct and packaging tape. Choosing the right one will save you both money and time and ensure a job well done.

Duct Tape – This is a general purpose tape which features a base of fabric covered by a plastic coating. While super strong and water and abrasion resistant, duct tape can easily be torn by hand. Duct tape works best on smooth surfaces and can be used in numerous applications, from repairs to packaging. Recently, crafting with duct tape has become very popular, and many purses, wallets, bags and other different products made solely from this tape type can be found on the market. This trend may be a result of fact that duct tape is available in a wide range of colours.

As is the case with any product, duct tape also has few disadvantages. The one thing duct tape isn’t good enough for is sealing duct work. Because of the moisture and temperature changes associated with cooling and heating ducts, with time the adhesive of a duct tape fails. Instead, when installing or repairing cooling and heating ducts, use special aluminum tape instead. Or get the new duct tape designs which are stronger and have as twice the adhesive, better weather resistance, stronger backing and adhere well to rough surfaces such as brick and stucco.

Packaging Tape – Packaging Tape is very useful for many different office and house related tasks. It’s an item you will definitely want to keep handy at all times, thus make sure you buy packing tape. When it comes to packaging boxes and sending packages, use the packaging tape. It is designed to seal boxes and other containers. It seals instantly and provides firm, strong hold. Packaging Tape is generally clear and requires scissors or knife to be cut.

For greater strength, use a strapping tape which offers a more flexible adhesive or a filament tape which has fiberglass reinforcement. The most important thing you need to consider before you buy packing tape is the adhesive, which is the basic difference between different packing tape types. There are three types of tape adhesive – natural, melt and acrylic rubber. Each is intended for certain applications. Before you make the final decision, know exactly what you need to package, the size, the weight of the goods, etc. to ensure you buy the right tape for your project.