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Outdoor Seating Comfort: Armchairs vs. Benches

No matter how big or small it is, having an outdoor space means you have the chance to create your very own stress-free oasis where you can also do some occasional reading, sunbathing or dining with family and friends. Still, to make the most of it, you need to look into every detail, especially when it’s to do with comfort.

Seating is one of the essentials of comfort and there are certainly more options than we’d like to consider before the whole experience becomes overwhelming. You set out to create the ideal space made for rest and leisure, you pick a durable weather-friendly material such as teak and yet the first hurdle you encounter is being faced with a dilemma. Do you get armchairs or benches? Take a deep breath, relax, and read up as we compare the two in this exact text.

Armchairs as the Perfect Movable Seating

Two teak outdoor armchairs placed in the backyard

An armchair is the epitome of cosiness – even when it’s to do with the outdoors. The simplicity and beauty of the design that includes armrests make this specific seating a welcome addition to any alfresco area, be it for relaxation or entertaining. One of the reasons why you’d consider the sleek outdoor teak armchairs as the candidates fit for your lovely area outside is the charm first and foremost that you can use easily on its own or pair with some colour and pattern in the form of comfy cushions.

Even though this is one of the more expensive materials, it’s still a valuable option to purchase in the long run. Teak furniture is a durable investment due to its natural oils that keep it strong and resilient. Moreover, when compared with benches, be they made of teak also, or other materials like wicker, metals like aluminium, or concrete, armchairs are still more affordable.

Four teak armchairs with blue seating cushions and a teak table

In some cases, a pair costs about the same amount as a single bench, so there’s the aspect of budget playing along. This leaves you with more money to get a matching table too. And design-wise you’re not restricted to any particular shape because these fancy outdoor teak armchairs go with rectangular as much as round and square tables.

More to the point, they allow for flexibility with the layout since they’re easily movable around. You can add them where you see fit, and where there’s a need for this kind of comfortable seating depending on whether you want to avoid the sun or get more of it, or sit further from the company, which isn’t the case with (most) benches.

On top of this practicality and flexibility, a teak outdoor armchair set is also easier to pack away and store, especially if you get the foldable chair designs, and that isn’t to say about the bench counterparts. However, when we think of this specific aspect, they’re also easier to steal as they’re compact and movable. That said, you’d need to pay attention to security if your area is rather open and exposed to the eyes and visits of thieves.

Benches as the Ideal Social Hub

Two wooden benches and a wooden table placed in the patio

When people think of benches, it’s normal for the thought of park benches to arise. Think of them as your way to bring about some of the beauty of your favourite park at home, in your very own yard. It’s a nice touch, wouldn’t you agree? While there may be more fans of the armchairs, these seating options have their pros and charms that aren’t to be overlooked.

Take for instance the fact they can be used as the centre of social gatherings. Providing ample space, especially if you get designs that could easily sit two, three, or even four people, you won’t have to worry about the increasing number of guests arriving at your doorstep and whether or not the indoor seating would solve it. One downside is they tend to be on the pricier side, especially if you get a nice wooden teak design, but there are other material choices too if you’re set on getting a bench.

Wooden table and benches placed in the patio next to the pool

One advantage is they come in a wide range of designs, so you’re sure to find both small and large models alike even at the same store. From a single-seat model created as convenient seating to two or three-seat models fit for more people, with or without the backrest, you’re truly spoiled for choice. More on the cons, if it’s not one of the single seating designs, then you’re pretty much limited in terms of the choice of table which isn’t the case with the outdoor teak armchairs that can be placed almost anywhere and with any table to your liking.

You may also be rather limited space-wise with their placement, especially in areas that aren’t all too spacious such as balconies or decks, so you can’t be too playful with the layout. As more people are meant to be seated on the bench, it may not always be easy for them to get up and move along which can be another hassle in a social gathering. But hey, if it’s just for you, you have enough room for some restful naps in the fresh air!

As you can see, both of these options come with their own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to consider which of the cons you can work with, and which of the pros you simply must make use of!