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OE vs Aftermarket Brake Parts: Why Opt for Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Replacement Brakes for Your Landcruiser

Let’s be honest: with a production run that already spans more than 6 decades, Toyota’s full-sized Land Cruiser is the epitome of large, indestructible SUVs. In fact, with the exception of Toyota’s Hilux, no other vehicle has the Land Cruiser’s reputation for unconditional reliability under the worst conditions.

The 200 Series Land Cruiser was the vehicle that redefined the expectations for these luxury SUVs, though. Its massively reinforced truck frame, no-frills powertrain, and 6850kg GCM helped solidify the Land Cruiser’s standing as a vehicle that lacked nothing and could tow anything, especially after receiving a GVM/GCM upgrade.

Increasing the 200 Series’ GVM/GCM, however, is an invitation to put demands on the big 4×4’s OE brake rotors and pads that they were designed to handle. Australia’s heat can play absolute havoc with the brakes on any heavy vehicle; that’s why if you’re a 200 Series owner who’s serious about getting the most out of your vehicle, an aftermarket brake upgrade needs to be on your list.

Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Brake Consumables for Landcruisers

Although GVM/GCM upgrades are one of the most common 200 Series modifications around, a lot of owners fail to also upgrade their brakes. Installing precision-balanced Landcruiser 200 Series parts for brakes, however, is the way to maximize your Toyota’s stopping power, even if you haven’t upgraded your GVM/GCM.

Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Brake Consumables for Landcruisers

High-quality, high-carbon rotors and pads are among the 200 Series Landcruiser parts that are designed for the full range of driving conditions that you’ll encounter behind the wheel in Oz, including:

· Long-distance road driving;

· Hard off-roading;

· Heavy trailer towing;

· Rallying; or,

· Competitive drifting.

Make no mistake: as dependable as 200 Series OE brake parts are for daily driving, they’re not made for extreme braking, especially if you do a lot of heavy caravans or trailer towing. Excess heat and dust buildup and heavy stops with 8000kg in tow on a GVM/GCM upgrade can warp OE rotors, shear off friction pads, and leave you with dangerously uneven and totally unpredictable braking.

The fact that all brake parts eventually wear out, however, doesn’t mean that regularly resurfacing your OE rotors and tightening the frequency between pad replacements is going to be your best option. You need better brake consumables, and adding upgraded heavy-duty rotors and pads to your list of essential Landcruiser 200 Series accessories is what’s going to make the difference.

200 Series Brake Rotors That are Built to Last
Everything from long downhill descents with heavy trailers, to habitually hard braking in hot weather can lead to warped brake rotors, with symptoms that include:

· Severe vibration through the brake pedal and steering wheel;

· Persistent brake noises like thumping or grinding; and,

· Brakes sticking, or pulling to one side.

More often than not, the thermal stress from severe warpage is going to leave your rotors damaged to the extent that replacement is unavoidable. And regardless of whether you’ve upgraded your GVM/GCM, this is the perfect time to consider installing 200 Series rotors that are made specifically for tough braking under harsh conditions.

Unlike OE steel or aluminium brake rotors, lightweight low-density rotors made from high carbon content not only reach their operating temperature quicker, but also start to dissipate excess heat quicker once they’ve reached that temperature. In fact, they harden as their temperature rises, effectively drawing unwanted heat away from your pads and callipers. This conductivity helps to make them one of the highest-performing and longest-lasting aftermarket 200 Series accessories available.

High carbon 200 Series rotors also feature:

· Custom 6-slot design for cooling and debris removal;

· Internal vanes that enable thru-cooling; and,

· Ground surface finishing to minimize noise and glazing.

Thermal stabilization also helps prevent aftermarket 200 Series rotors resist warping if they go from a prolonged braking period to sudden emersion in cold water. They won’t even rust afterward like the OE steel rotors would.

All the Friction You Need From Upgraded 200 Series Brake Pads

If brake rotors qualify as essential Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series accessories that need to be upgraded, then there’s no way to ignore your brake pads. Their only purpose is to provide as much frictional resistance as necessary to bring your vehicle’s mass to a safe and complete stop when you need it, and it’s a job they need to perform flawlessly every time.

All the Friction You Need From Upgraded 200 Series Brake Pads

Ceramic-formulated, aftermarket 200 Series brake pads are engineered to maintain their high friction coefficient at higher temperatures, and across a broader range of driving conditions than OE and standard replacement pads. Density is the key to their durability and increased fade resistance, making them the pads you need to tackle the kinds of terrain and topography that can have an instant impact on your braking.

Ceramic 200 Series pads’ other advantages include:

· Multi-layer metal shim construction that helps reduce brake noise;

· An optimized surface treatment that reduces dust and bedding in time; and,

· Environmentally safe, copper-free composition.

Where OE and standard-replacement brake pads typically need to be replaced at a rate 2-3 times higher than brake rotors, these ceramic Toyota 200 Series aftermarket accessories, even under severe usage can last up to 80,000km. That means you can upgrade your GVM/GCM with confidence and know that your brakes are up to the job.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, it’s crucial to remember that your brake components help to make up the single most important safety system on your vehicle. And while the 200 Series Landcruiser’s frame is more than sturdy enough to handle a GVM/GCM upgrade, neglecting to upgrade your brakes when you do can put your ability to stop safely at risk.

No matter what the conditions are, precision-balanced Landcruiser 200 Series parts for brakes will give you the surety you need to stop safely in time, every time. They’re a small investment that’ll yield an effective, long-term benefit for your indestructible SUV.