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Occasion Wear for Older Ladies: Dresses vs. Pantsuits

So, you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look your best. And as we all know, the trick to looking good at any age is knowing how to subtly hide certain areas and emphasise others. However, when you have been wearing certain types of clothes for all your life, switching up to pieces that are are more flattering for your changing body can be difficult. As a result, many ladies over 60 struggle to find the right clothes for a special occasion. With that being said, here are some helpful tips for choosing occasion wear for older ladies.

A Dress for Success

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If you want to wear a dress to a special occasion, make sure you have the right one. Stores offering occasion wear for older ladies are full of different styles of dresses, so it’s easy to get confused. With that being said, one design that looks amazing on all body types and which you should definitely consider is the straight-cut dress. Choose one in a soft and comfortable that is not too tight nor too loose. When going with a straight-cut, minimalist design, choosing one in a colour that pops or with an elegant print is a great way to make a tasteful statement.

A fit-and-flair dress is another flattering style that’s the favourite for many mature women. This type of dress defines the waist and flairs down, thus hiding the hips. The result is a very feminine shape that has a tasteful, youthful vibe. While both these shapes are flattering, make sure that they flatter you. For instance, if you want to hide the tummy, pick a dress with a higher waistline to visually slim you down. If you want to hide your knees, choose a midi dress, and if your arms are a problem look, for long sleeved dresses.

A Pantsuit That Suits You

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A classic pantsuit is a nice investment to your wardrobe as it can be used for all kinds of occasions and can be easily upgraded with accessories. What’s more, currently pantsuits are a huge trend, which means that you’ll look fashionable without a doubt. And when it’s the right fit, a pantsuit can accentuate your figure in a nice way, and hide tricky areas. For instance, a pantsuit with a longer blazer can help slim your tummy and hip area. In addition, the long, straight pants help elongate your silhouette. You can opt for a classic, monochrome design, or a mismatched style that will bring more interest to your look.