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Oak vs. Ash vs. Glass: What’s the Ideal Dining Table?

Dining tables are the bridge between the kitchen and the living room. That being said, it’s important to ensure you get something pleasing to the eye, that’s also quality and easy to maintain. In order to make your decision easier, it’s best to consider which one from the three most popular choices (solid oak dining table, ash and glass) is the right one for you.



If you want to see what timeless design looks like, take a look at the oak dining tables. They’ve been around for many decades, and it’s not difficult to see why – they add so much charm, warmth and cosiness and are so durable that can be passed down in a family for generations.

When it comes to shapes and styles, the options vary a lot, from simple round, square, and rectangular to more adorned, so regardless of your taste and needs, there’s a solid oak dining table for you. This type of wood has beauty of its own that gets more unique with age, as every piece forms different patterns with age.

Moreover, oak can also be refinished in future if you don’t like the scratches and dents that might form in time. The only con that comes with oak as a material is that it’s quite heavy and you’ll need help with moving your oak dining table if you intend to do home rearrangements every now and then.

Note: These dining tables can match almost any preestablished style, be it Scandinavian, rustic, vintage, contemporary, farmhouse, industrial or eclectic, to name a few.


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Ash is a brighter alternative as opposed to oak and comes in many different light hues. Ash is also believed to be much easier to mould, but unlike oak, it doesn’t have radial grains.

Same as the solid oak dining table options, ash is great for anyone looking for low-maintenance tables but when compared to oak, the scratches and dents are more visible. Furthermore, it’s also considered one of the toughest hardwoods, even heavier than some types of oak (the red type, for instance).

Note: These dining tables can perfectly complement rustic, industrial, Scandinavian and beach/nautic surroundings.


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This is a dining table option that’s most popular with people who need something bright in their interiors, and since it’s transparent, there’s no doubt it can give a room brighter and airier look. As a material, it’s particularly welcome in homes with modern and contemporary décor and it enhances the ambience with its finesse. Perhaps you’d find best of all the fact it doesn’t block out the beauty of the rest of the furnishings.

In addition, these tables come in an array of styles regarding shape, colour and frosting. Also, glass dining tables are easy to clean and maintain. All of this is great, however, there are some cons to take into account, starting from how delicate glass is as a material.

Sure, nowadays technology has made it possible to create glass that’s quite durable, there’s no denying that oak and ash are much better options, especially if safety is your concern for children because glass can get shattered so there’s the threat of injuries. With some designs, like glass tables with sharp corners, you don’t even need the glass to be shattered for it to be dangerous.

Style-wise, transparent dining tables require good flooring or carpeting considering they expose it, unlike the wooden ones. And while I mentioned that it’s a piece of cake to clean them, the drawback is you’d have to do it more often because on these tables the fingerprints are quite visible.

Note: These dining tables are a match for minimalist, modern and contemporary interior designs.