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Navigating the Seas of Storage Efficiency: Recessed Glove Boxes vs Elastic Nets

Ask any boat owner what’s the one commodity that they’d like to have more of and they’ll probably tell you it’s storage space. Whether it’s on the deck or in the cabin, there’s only a limited amount of it, so what’s available needs to be managed and utilized as efficiently as possible.

Good planning and organization are the keys to maximizing storage space, especially on smaller boats. More often than not, a thorough inventory of what’s already onboard will reveal a surprising amount of space that can be readily reclaimed and put to more effective use. And for any other stores and supplies that still need to be secured, there’s a surprising number of helpful options on the market that are designed specifically to help you get your space shipshape.

Make Better Use of Your Space with Recessed Glove Boxes

white boat glove box on the floor

Let’s be honest: as a boat owner, not only do you need to ensure that you have all the necessary safety, maintenance, and provisional items aboard at all times, but you also need to have suitable storage locations for them. You may have more space than you think though, and this is where intelligent recessed storage and boat glove box solutions can help you see your way through the space deficit.

Regardless of whether you prefer them with doors or without, recessed storage and marine glove boxes are the perfect way to make use of valuable, but potentially unused space in areas such as:

  • Around deck and hatch coaming;
  • Inside gunwales and transoms;
  • Inside latrines and dedicated showers;
  • Within cabin walls; and,
  • Below or beside the helm console.

Ideally, while built-in storage and glove boxes for boats are able to take full advantage of your boat’s capacity, they don’t take up any living, or common area space. Items that might otherwise be piled into the cabin or arbitrarily deposited in the most convenient corner can now be properly and carefully stowed away until they’re needed. You can literally outfit dozens of glove boxes, making it possible to bring a selection of gear aboard that you never would have considered before.

High-Quality Polymers for Boxes That are Built to Last

High-quality boat glove boxes and storage boxes are made of tough, affordable marine-grade ABS and ASA plastics. They’re perfect UV-, and corrosion-resistant polymers for long-term use in hot, salty environments, and they also boast a range of benefits that include:

  • Lightweight. The low weight of ABS and ASA polymers affords you the opportunity to make better use of your boat’s displacement, without placing undue stress on the ribs or hull.
  • Easy to install. ABS and ASA both have superior screw retention qualities, making them excellent choices for installations that are prone to flexing and movement.
  • High strength/low maintenance. Not only do ABS and ASA polymers have high tensile strength, they’re largely chemical resistant, and clean up easily.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you need additional storage space for locking tape, ropes and rigging, or spare batteries, these high-performance marine glove box polymers give you all the reliable capacity you need, while still helping you to stay organized.

Glove Boxes Make Space Boating Safety Items

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right combinations and sizes of boat cabin storage boxes; and not surprisingly, it matters most in the area of safety. In Australia, it’s mandatory for any boat that’s equipped with electric starting motors, or features an electric, gas, or fuel fired stove to have a required number of fire extinguishers and fire safety products aboard at all times. This equipment needs to be stored where it’s easily accessible and isn’t prone to casual damage; that’s where proper marine glove box storage can make the difference.

Transparent door marine glove compartments and storage boxes are the optimal choice for flush-mounting your fire protection equipment and are perfectly fitted for:

  • 1kg – 2kg fire extinguishers;
  • Fire blankets; and,
  • First aid supplies.

Knowing precisely where your safety equipment is in an emergency can be a lifesaver, and you can also have that same assurance from a full range of lockable, fully weatherproofed storage glove boxes for storing:

  • Emergency Position Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and individual Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs);
  • Dry bags for emergency VHF radios or mobile phones; and,
  • Charts and other navigational aides.

Make no mistake: improving your onboard storage spaces is as much about staying safe as it is about staying organized. One is essential to the other, which is why when you own a boat, glove box storage is an asset that you can’t afford to do without.

Elastic Nets are the Ideal Storage Management Solution

elastic nets for storage on the boat

As convenient as polymer storage boxes are on a boat, they’re still not the only way to optimize your storage situation. Your boat may already have a wealth of storage, but just needs a bit of creative management to get the biggest benefit out of it.

Any vertical surface, including the insides of cabinet doors, is prime onboard real estate, and elastic shock cord netting can help you develop it to its fullest. These woven polyester nets, available with or without rigid frames, are an exemplary choice for getting the most out of your existing storage space, and can be used for:

  • Increasing storage capacity inside and outside cupboard and cabinet doors;
  • Handy storage along bulkheads and seatbacks; and,
  • Effectively securing life jackets, and covering doorless storage boxes.

Elastic nets are proof that storage space isn’t strictly about making holes. Sometimes the best solutions are out in the open; and if all your boat needs is better storage space management, elastic nets are the solution you want.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, no matter how large your boat is, space is always going to be at a premium. There’s never likely to be enough of it, which is why you have to look at creative ways of utilizing and maximizing the space you have.

Together with elastic netting, recessed storage and boat glove box solutions are the perfect way to get your stores organized and optimized. They’re low cost, easy to perform outfits that are guaranteed to make a difference in how you handle your provisions.