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Natural hair wigs vs Synthetic hair wigs

synthetic versus natural wigs

The wig is the easiest and fastest way to see yourself as a seductive blonde with long hair or a rebellious brunette with short hair. It is also the easiest and fastest way to hide hair loss. A wig can help recoup lost self-confidence and make you feel beautiful again. Before buying wigs online or going to a specialized wigs store, you must be well informed in order to make the right choice. Generally speaking, a wig is made of a wig lace with entangled synthetic or natural hair, which cover 100% of the head. Both types of hair have their advantages and disadvantages.

Natural wigs


  • Looks more real;
  • Has a longer maintenance life;
  • It can be styled as natural hair, colored, permed;
  • It can resist the heat of blow dryer, curling iron and hair straightener.


  • Reacts to any climate change – it can curl up or straighten from moisture;
  • After shampooing wig must be styled
  • The color gradually fades because of the oxidation of hair when exposed to the sun;
  • The hair of a wig can be split or broken, if not treated properly or if brushed too hard or if exposed to excessive heat.

Synthetic wig


  • Quality is improving continuously. Some of them are extremely durable and has the same softness as human hair;
  • More affordable and easier to maintain. Styles and textures are similar to natural hair. Does not change when washed with shampoo, nor if exposed to moisture;
  • Available in all colors;
  • The color does not fade even when exposed to sun.


  • It’s not resistant to high heat (hot rollers, curling irons, blow drying)
  • Not recommended for dying because it is difficult to achieve a natural color;
  • Some pieces are too shiny, which differs them from human hair.

Regardless of which type of wig you choose, proper maintenance is imperative. According to statistics and customers’ reviews, if you are financially able, it is best to buy natural hair wigs online. They not only look more natural, but are also more durable, easier to maintain and last longer.