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Mothers vs Fathers Day

mother and daughterIf a cell is the most important functional unit of a human body then ‘family’ must be a cell of a human society system. Following this equation, the incredible bond between children and parents is, without a single doubt, the basic unit of a family. There is no greater love than the one of a parent for a child; a love without judgments and weaknesses filled with pure, true emotions and superior gifts. And vice versa, of course. However, judging by many polls and surveys conducted over the years, we spend almost twice as much money on Mothers Day gift online compared to the spending we do on Father’s day.

Does this mean we favor one parent over the other? Of course not. It’s just that we like to ‘spoil’ moms more, don’t we. And they deserve it being an important part of our growing up and our lives in general (not that dads are not, but lets face it, not many fathers would sacrifice 45-minutes of a soccer game to bake cup cakes and decorate them with rainbow sprinkles, now would they). Thus, moms definitely win the battle of gift splurging. In addition, aside from Christmas, Mother’s Day is probably the highest revenue-generating holiday for retailers worldwide who seem to have a whole army of Santa’s dwarfs employed to come up with new mothers day gifts ideas each year. Hence, make our job little easier when time comes to pick that perfect mother’s day gift.


If you have rummaged for mothers day gifts online and still have ‘shopper’s block’ then read on and surprise your mom this year with few of our mothers day gift ideas. A nice family dinner in an exclusive restaurant will surely leave your mom speechless. But we have all surprised our very much loved moms with such luxurious restaurant outing at some point. How about something more original? For example, wouldn’t it be nice to make a day of spa in your own house (no men and cell phones allowed, of course).

First of all, set the mood with scented candles and relaxing nature music. Purchase white cotton bath robes, spa slippers and of course inevitable silky sleep masks; ransack your kitchen for the ingredients and make your own relaxing face mask; get you pedicure set, nail polishes and foot cream; and prepare her favorite finger foods accompanied by a bottle of her favorite wine. To make sure your mom never forgets this Mother’s Day, throw in a hamper of natural beauty products from one of mothers day gifts online sites and enjoy. Your mom will for sure enjoy this spa-like pampering.




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