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Modern TV Unit or Wall-Mounting: That is the TV Question

Modern TV Unit

Being children of the technological era, we’ve come to grow so much with the influence of devices that it’s impossible to imagine living our day to day lives without the use of one as they became part of our personalities. Can you think of what your usual day would be like if you weren’t in the company of technology or try to stay away from it for a while? Unless you’re a minimalist, it will seem like an outrageous thing to do or something like trying to get rid of your sweets addiction. It’s a bit exaggerated if you get to spend all of your spare time binge-watching TV, though no one can blame you if you’re having your own Netflix marathon and catching up with series. While it’s important to keep a balance between staying healthy with physical exercising, we have to admit a TV can be good for you as it is a resourceful tool. They don’t call it the window on the world for nothing.

There are plenty of TV models and options you can choose from, depending on your preferences, from LCD, UHD and plasma to smart TV and 3D. Since purchasing your valuable source of entertainment is essential, everything about it is notable too, including the spot you choose for it. When it comes to this, you’ll see there are more factors to consider so you’ll find the TV purchase somewhat easier than actually placing it in your home. You have to weigh in both the pros and cons of TV units and the wall-mounting option to be able to decide wisely. We’ve come up with some of them to help you out.

Most people can’t imagine having a TV without a unit. It may be because it brings back memories of years gone by when staying in front of the screen-unit pair made for a perfect bonding time with the family. No matter the size of your home or the room the TV is intended for, there are so many choices available for sale so you will easily find your modern TV unit. Unlike with wall-mounting where you have to drill holes in the wall and it’s the only place meant for the screen, a unit gives you the flexibility of moving it from room to room whenever you feel like it. It can provide enough storage for all the bits and pieces of the whole entertainment equipment, such as remote controls, DVDs and games, and can be the perfect hideaway for all of the cables. A modern TV unit can come in a variety of types, swivel to be moved around, minimalist ones with less drawers, bigger ones in a traditional design, different shapes and sizes to match different preferences. They are also the perfect option when you live in a rented home where you don’t have the possibility of making changes with the walls. The main con of them is when you have limited space.

If you’re in need of more floor space to move around with ease, in the case of small rooms in particular, then the wall-mounting is the better option for you. This is usually the choice of people who have modern interior styles. It’s especially convenient for homes with kids and pets, and you can hide the wires so there’ll be no tripping accidents. You can make this into a DIY project if you do the mounting yourself so you’ll save some money. However, if you place the TV way too high on the wall, it can get uncomfortable as you get a neck strain. Being up the wall, you also have no way of moving it in case the screen is exposed to direct sunlight. You can forget about it as an option if you live near a train station, an airport or an area susceptible to earthquakes since even the slightest motion can give you trouble with the TV. Needing to have things organised, in the end you might still require a TV unit.


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