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Mobility Scooter Vs. Power-Wheelchair – Which One Is Better for Your Needs

The great advancements in mobility devices, such as electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, have given back mobility, convenience, and self-reliance for people who have a limited range of motion. If you are experiencing mobility problems due to illness, age, or any other reason, you might be thinking about buying one of these devices to regain your independence. Although both are great at providing mobility and helping you stay active, the two products are quite different from one another.

The electric wheelchair looks and functions like a conventional wheelchair but it is run by an electric motor and a battery rather than elbow grease. It is a great option for people who need assistance with their mobility indoors and outdoors. A mobility scooter looks and functions like a real scooter and it is mostly used outside the home. There are many other differences between these two mobility devices. Below I’ve compared both options in different areas to help you determine which one is best for you.



The cost of standard-sized mobility scooters for sale can range anywhere from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars and will depend on the device model, size, weight capacity, and the accessories. Compact models are small, lightweight, easy to navigate around tight corners and over smooth and even surfaces. Plus, they tend to cost less than midsize and luxury scooters. Increased weight capacity, comfortable seating, and extra powerful motors certainly come at a higher price. Fortunately, today it is common to find mobility scooters for sale, which helps reduce the overall expenses. Electric wheelchairs often cost more than mobility scooters. In fact, they are the priciest kind of personal mobility device with the cost for enhanced models going up to $10,000.


A mobility scooter is often the best option for individuals who need minimal support. It is a safe choice for those who can walk a few steps, steer with both hands, and hold themselves upright. An electric wheelchair, on the other hand, requires only a single hand to steer as it is controlled by the use of a joystick on the armrest. It also provides more stability and balance with its lower profile and higher back than a mobility scooter.


Both options are designed to offer riders maximum comfort. However, comfort means something different to every person. Those who feel most comfortable with a roomy seat that also provides a balanced support will probably prefer an electric wheelchair. Individuals who don’t need the additional support and prefer to ride a little higher might be more comfortable on a mobility scooter.

Ease of Transport

Mobility scooters do not fold and do not store well inside small homes, though some models are designed to disassemble easily. Because they are designed for outdoor use, they can be a little bulky and heavy and can require a large van or a special attachment on the outside of the vehicle to be transported from one place to another without disassembling. Electrical wheelchairs are often lighter and less bulky than scooters and can be folded and easily put in the trunk of a car or in a closet.