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Millennial Dilemma: Phone Protection – Cases vs. No Cases

Smartphones are a useful and integral part of our lives, and there’s probably no twentysomething without one. However useful, essential and expensive though, we still can’t avoid damaging them in one way or another. The data is worrisome – 37% can recall scratching the screen, 29% have spilled drinks on their phone, 29% have dropped it down the stairs, and an astonishing 20% have dropped their phone in the toilet, according to a survey commissioned by T-Mobile. That is how much we actually need them, we even take them with us to the bathroom. Now, what can we do in order to protect them is the big question. While many choose to use a phone case as a means of protection, there are some who argue that this isn’t the best idea and choose to keep them in a store-bought condition. Who has it right, though? Let’s investigate!


First, the case owners. These people have multiple reasons why they have chosen this “side” of the dilemma, the main one being that phone cases, especially high-quality brands like Osmo, Incase or Speck cases, offer maximum protection from scratching and drops while providing a complete access to your touch screen and any additional buttons the phone may have. While on the topic of protection, the above-mentioned brands and their premium products can keep your phone safe from heat and dust as well. What makes the Osmo, Incase and Speck cases that useful is the fact that they are durable and tight-fitting while being soft to the touch and user friendly.


There is a second group of case owners that don’t see the case as merely a protective item, but an accessory through which they can express their personality and creativity. The many types of cases available on the market make it easy for this type of people to find a suitable case for their style and taste. Simply put, you can make a fashion statement while at the same time protecting your phone.

Second come the supporters of the “no case” side of the debate. Like the ones mentioned above, these people too have their viable reasons as to why they have made the decision to leave their phones bare. The first claim is that today’s glass-backed devices are far less likely to get scratched and they stand behind the fact that the phone as a whole looks much better without any additional “armour”. While that may be the case (see what I did there, chuckles), you should remember that, as stated above, phone cases today can perfectly match any style you prefer. Still, people do find cases to be bulky and therefore leave their phones naked.


Lastly, when people get into a big “argument” over who got it right, the “caseless” group almost always brings the topic about dirt and debris forth. Namely, they state that dirt and debris can get caught between the case and the phone, thus cause damage such as scratching the phone’s finish and health problems for the user. So, case owners are advised to keep their cases clean if they do decide to use one so that these possible risks can be avoided.


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