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Men’s Receding Hairline Solutions: Hair Tattoo Vs. Hair Transplant

Receding hairline, a form of hair loss is becoming a common hair and scalp condition of the 21st century. Although there are many solutions available, from different pills, medications and topical remedies to surgical procedures, none can cure hair loss. They can slow down the process, camouflage the loss of hair, but can not trigger new hair growth.


Even though, all available mens receding hairline treatments have the same purpose, not all offer the same results. Out of all, the two most popular mens receding hairline solutions are hair transplant and hair tattoo. These treatments are completely different in many aspects, such as cost, desired results, recovery time, side effects, etc. Let’s quickly go over the pros and cons of both.

Hair Tattoo

Hair tattoo, medically known as scalp micropigmentation is a very popular and quite effective mens receding hairline solution. The process involves the tattooing of tiny dots of natural pigments into an epidermal layer of scalp. Pigments used are carefully selected to match the colour of the existing hair of a patient. The end result is shaved hairstyle. Drug and pain free, this mens receding hairline solution is suitable for men (and women) of all group ages, all skin colours and skin types.

The procedure is performed by experienced medical technicians or doctors and it requires no surgery and involves no pain. Usually local anesthesia is used because scalp area is very sensitive and it would hurt otherwise. As mentioned above, the result is a perfect buzz cut, which reduces visible baldness. But before you choose this mens receding hairline treatment, consult with your doctor or dermatologist to learn more about the procedure itself, recovery time and possible side effects.

Hair Transplant

Permanent and effective, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of a narrow strip from the back of the head which is transplanted on the bald parts. This mens receding hairline procedure is done in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia and is most commonly preferred by men. Compared to hair tattoo, it is more expensive, involves pain, requires certain recovery period and has side effects, such as skin irritation and infection. After the hair transplant surgery, your scalp will be extremely sensitive and you may need to take pain relief medications for a certain period recommended by the doctor. Usually, you can return to work within five days of the surgery. Two or three weeks after hair transplantation, you will notice that the transplanted hair falls out and new hair starts to grow.