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Material vs style: What should one look for in a swimsuit?

Buying swimwear can be a source of anxiety for most women. Not only during the summer season, but even throughout the colder months we are being bombarded by skinny models clad in fancy bathing suits. We see them on magazine covers and on TV, wearing some extravagant swim wear you can do everything in, except swim. What was once regarded as sportswear is being steadily overtaken by fashion. So yeah, it’s normal that when shopping for swim wear Australia women seem to be preoccupied with all the latest trends.

However, a swimming suit is like second skin to us and when you go to the beach you should feel comfortable in your skin, right? But most fashion styles have little to do with comfortable swim wear that fits nicely around your body. In fact, in their quest to come up with more distinctive styles, brands tend to go with materials that should be nowhere near water. Just take last year’s velvet craze. And we all know what happens when velvet gets wet – it tends to weigh you down. Surely, it doesn’t feel pleasant swimming in such a thing.

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Even if you found the perfect bikini for your body shape, if the material is bad, the suit can start to sag after the first couple of swims and look unflattering on you. But if you pick out the right material, all you’ll be worrying about at the beach is reapplying your sunscreen. Luckily, swim wear Australia shops regularly stock models made from professional fabrics, such as Speedo for instance, and usually at a reasonable price.

Although swim wear made from professional materials can be a bit more expensive than your average boutique bathing suit, you get quality and durability for what you paid. The fabric used goes far beyond your typical lycra. Take Speedo for example. The company has its own research facility where experts develop unique textiles that guarantee top swimming performance. The end result is a suit that perfectly clings to the body and repels water, and dries extremely fast in the sun.

Okay, you might be worried that such a suit might be too plain and won’t allow you to make a fashion statement at the beach. However, professional swimwear brands always give their lines a timeless design that will never go out of style. And most importantly, it will definitely look good on you because the fabric of the suit compresses muscles and moulds around the shape of your body.

But we should not forget that swimming is not exclusively reserved for summer, and everyone who enjoys this type of sport will visit a pool when the beach is off season. However, the chlorine in the pool can be a swimsuit’s greatest enemy, making the colours fade and generally speeding up its deterioration. Therefore, when choosing a swimsuit you should look for one made out of 100% chlorine resistant material such as Speedo’s Endurance+. This kind of fabric allows the suit to last longer if you’re regularly making visits to the pool.

Perhaps, when it comes to choosing swim wear Australia professional swimmers can be a better example than some random swimsuit models, some of
whom probably don’t even swim. And what can we learn from them? Well in a few words –while style certainly plays a great role, what swimsuit you choose should definitely come down to the material. The right material can make the suit last, while trends change each season.