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Luxury Birthday Gift vs Surprise Party

Wondering what to get for your father’s 50th birthday jubilation? You are pushing for a big surprise party but you’re siblings are leaning more towards one of nice luxury gifts for men. It’s not that a surprise party will not embed in his memory but they believe that a nice, unforgettable gift will stay remembered forever. We’ll have to take your siblings’ side (no offense of course). So let’s solve this equation of luxury gifts vs surprise party together.

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First of all, take your fathers age into a consideration. He’s no longer a 30-year-old and has long gotten over that fear of cracking a new decade thus there is no need for a surprise party to show him he’ll stay young forever. And more importantly, will he really enjoy sonorous music and smell of spilled drinks while doing 5-hours of leg muscle stretches. Now, how does that compare to one of many Australian luxury gifts available such as a family album, nice piece of art or a selection of bestsellers and awarded books.

Secondly, take your fathers personality into an account as well. Before you proclaim how sociable and conversable of a person he is, ask yourself a question – does he really want to spend this milestone in his life with so many people or would rather prefer a quiet, ‘going down a memory lane’ evening with his closest loved ones. After all you’ll always have your family’s traditional Christmas party to reminiscent with your relatives, neighbors and friends. Thus, if he’s a wine lover then how about luxury gift hampers of quality wine or maybe a set of Riedel’s wine decanter with glasses. Or why not spice it up a bit and take him for a hot-air balloon ride. Throw one of luxury gift hampers filled with gourmet food and he’ll have a birthday to remember.

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Your conclusion – He’ll eat food, throw away packaging and will be left with a basket that will most likely end up collecting dust up in the attic. While, you may have a good point here, you’re forgetting one thing – for a parent, nothing can replace time spent with children. Time spent with you will always stayed engraved in his memory. Yes, it is true that he will remember a surprise party as well, but luxury gifts will remain forever. Regardless of how awesome a party turns out to be, Australian luxury gifts will constantly remind him of your love. Every time he sips his favorite wine while reading his favorite book, a Riedel’s glass will remind him of you. With a surprise party all he’ll have in few years are faded memories and tons of pictures (of course most of them available for a public view on your Face Book profile).


Therefore, browse for luxury gifts online and find something memorable for your father. With so many luxury gifts for men available your options are endless. Trust us, you will not fail.


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