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Local Shops vs World Famous Corporations

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines work as ‘activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something’. Since the beginning of a human race, work has been an essential part of our living. Primarily a way of existence; something that will provide food and clothing. Nowadays, however, job has become more than just a necessity. It’s a lifestyle. What we do for a living, where we work and how successful we are, shapes our personality and life. Our work performance determines not only our salary, but our status in a company as well. Thus, competition has become our second name.


Hence, where we work matters; world famous corporations or local shops. Many argue that regardless of their smaller work force, local shops are better option for stress-free work. While this may be true, large corporations, on the other hand, offer more flexibility in terms of salary, promotion and status. Lets take a look at few of many advantages working in a large corporation has over working in a small business.

storeProsperity – Working in large corporations gives you more room to prosper. If you are skillful, determined and hard-working, you have better chances of climbing to the top of the scale and thus achieving your goals. In local shops, however, your initial position will most likely be a permanent one. Due to less operations and smaller workforce, local shops lack your personal prosperity.

Security – You may believe that your job is never secured regardless of where you work and we agree with you. However, in a state of economical decline, revenue tumble or recession, it is more likely that larger company will survive and so will your job as well.

Income – Regardless of how good of a worker you are and how much you have done for your employer and business, your salary can increase very little. Local shops do not have needed turnover nor revenue to boost your salary as much as large corporations do.

Employee Incentive programs – This trend is more practices by renowned corporations then smaller businesses. For a business to boost its revenue numbers, keep existing and attract new consumers, it needs to implement incentive programs on its clientele. Occasional discounts, value offerings or customer gifts are just few of the ways to let clients know their business is appreciated. However, these incentive programs are more designed to motivate employees. Managers, today, are aware of the benefits of occasional employee gifts. Working force of a company is its core strength and needs to be nurtured and treated with respect. Thus, motivational staff gifts will certainly boost employees’ will for better and more efficient performance. And large corporations implement this theory into their business motto unlike local shops.


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