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LED Rope Light Vs. LED Strip Light: Clarifying the Differences

LED lights are not something new – they have been illuminating homes, offices, markets, hospitals and other commercial and residential objects for many years now. However, many people still stick to the traditional light bulbs without being aware of the great developments in this industry. If you’re one of them, it is high time you evolved past this old-fashioned trend. Time to switch to LED lights and feel the perks that come with them.

LEDs are energy-efficient, offer light of high quality, last longer than traditional bulbs and come in a variety of shapes and styles. One of the most popular ones are definitely LED strip and LED rope lights. However, what most people don’t seem to understand, is that these are not the same and differ in various ways. Let’s clear up the confusion.


LED Strip Lights
When looking at the offers of LED strip lights for sale you may come across the names ribbon lights or LED tape. No worries, they’re all the same. One of the many reasons why people love strip lights is the adhesive on their back side, which makes them very easy to install. They are highly flexible models and have a low profile, enabling you to place them anywhere you want. You can even cut them and make them shorter. LED strip lights are the preferred choice for kitchens as they are much brighter than rope lights. Where you choose to install them is totally up to you – you can place them above or underneath cabinets and beneath kick-boards and counters. They are very small in size and you can find LED strip lights for sale with 12/24v DC input, or 120/220v AC input. They have different brightness levels and come in multiple colours.

LED Rope Lights
This model of LED lights is designed in an enclosed system with LED bulbs that are enclosed with PVC or other durable material. Their design makes them perfect not just for indoor bur for outdoor use as well. There are various ways to use LED rope lights. They are very flexible, meaning you can wrap them around objects, or you can use them to outline doorways, garden beds and pathways. Christmas is on its way and there is no doubt rope lights will find their use in Christmas decorations and parties. A downside of this model however, is that once a LED bulb burns out, it cannot be replaced. Just like strip lights, rope lights can also be found in 12/24v DC input or 120/220v AC input. You can choose between different colours, but you cannot choose their level of brightness as LED rope lights come with a relatively low brightness. Nevertheless, they have a 360-degree viewing, which makes them a great choice for wrapping around trees or other objects.