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Kid’s Room Wall Décor: Wallpaper vs. Mural vs. Paint

Kids rooms are always fun to design. They are the place where you can really reach out to your inner child and show your style. But, the overall décor of these rooms isn’t only about aesthetics and fun. While style is very important to most of us, the way you design your child’s room, the things you choose to put in it, the toys and games, the furniture, and even the floors and the walls, can contribute to your little one’s development. This is why even the simple things, like the way you are going to cover and decorate the walls in their room, have to be thought out thoroughly.

When you are deciding whether you are going to cover your walls with wallpaper or murals, paint them, or decorate them in any other way, it all comes down to your personal preferences. However, while all of these options have their advantages, there are other things to consider when it comes to adorning the walls of your kid’s room.

Learn About Your Options

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Wall paint has come a long way in the last decade, and today you can find some incredible options on the market, from matte, flat, satin or gloss paint, acrylic paint, latex paint and so on, all the way to magnetic paint and chalkboard paint. The range of colours is also nothing short of amazing. So, paint definitely offers some great options for your child’s room.

Some of them you can use to cover the entire room, while others can be a great addition to a smaller wall or part of a wall. For instance, inventive products like chalkboard paint and magnetic paint, can’t really be used to cover the entire room. However, covering a small part of the wall with magnetic paint can be a great idea. Using chalkboard paint in some parts of the room will give your child the opportunity to express their artistic curiosities and have fun, while also working on their motor and cognitive skills.

We have been using wallpapers to cover our walls for ages. However, wallpapers have never been as diverse as they are today. We now have wallpapers that are much easier to install and remove, they can be stain-resistant, washable, etc. Made from a range of different materials, manufacturers also offer incredibly versatile and stunning designs.

So, while painting the walls in your little one’s room can definitely look stunning, if you are looking for a more unique design, something that will look stylish and fun, both for you and for your kid, you can also invest in beautiful kids wallpapers. More importantly, wallpapers designed for kids also come with additional benefits for your child’s development.

Another option for kid’s rooms is murals. There are several ways to get a mural. You can find beautiful mural wallpapers for kids, or if you are talented, you can create one yourself. You can also ask someone else to make one, be it an artist friend, a relative or a professional.

Choose or Don’t Choose

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As we already said, none of these options is better than the other, and they all come with their own set of advantages. So, there is not one right answer, and you don’t even have to choose only one or the other if you don’t want to. Instead, you can combine them in a way that will not only look stunning but also benefit your child even more.

Covering the walls is of course very important for the style of your home. It creates the backdrop to the entire décor of the room and it ties everything up together. However, when it comes to kid’s rooms, you should take advantage of all decor pieces to help your little one in their journey through child development. When they are young, children learn about their senses, and they will use anything around them to do that, including the walls around them.

Give Your Walls a Role in Your Child’s Development


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Many parents will choose gentle colours for their children’s rooms. However, regardless of whether you are choosing kids wallpapers, paint or murals, you should go for bright, vivid colours that stand out. This is because, babies can’t see as well as adults, and the more the colours stand up, the more they will be able to notice it.

In other words, if you use paint, you shouldn’t choose neutral colours or the frequently used light blue or pink, because the baby won’t be able to see them. Moreover, if you go for wallpapers, you should look for wallpaper designs for kids that feature images that pop up, with interesting shapes in vivid contrasting colours, or colours that contrast the background, like lighter background and darker colours, etc.

The bright colours, the contrasts, the shapes etc., will stimulate your infant’s sight, boosting their visual development, teaching them how to focus their eyes etc. As they grow, they will also start trying to reach the shapes on the wallpaper, or the magnetic decorations you place on the wall painted with magnetic paint, etc. This will have a positive impact on their motor development.


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