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Inversion Table vs. Back Stretcher

Like it or not, back pain is a common issue for many people. It can have a number of causes, whether it’s because we’re all slacking in terms of physical activity most of the time or we’re forced to maintain an awkward posture for long periods of time. After all, it’s not easy to keep your spine straight when you’re hunched over a computer all day, so it’s no wonder that our backs start to ache.

But what can we do to ease the pain and improve our posture? Sure, we can try some at-home remedies like stretching or using a heating pad, but those only provide temporary relief. If you’re looking for something that will give you long-lasting results, then you might want to consider an inversion table or a back stretcher.

Reducing Back Pain with the Help of Inversion Tables

Reducing Back Pain with the Help of Inversion Tables

First thing’s first, inversion therapy is not a new fad. It’s been around for centuries, and there’s a reason why it’s still being used today. Essentially, it involves hanging upside down or at an inverted angle while suspended by your feet. This may sound painful, but it actually helps to decompress the spine and relieve pressure on the discs and nerves.

Theoretically, it’s said that by shifting the body’s gravity, you’re able to take the pressure off your spine and allow your discs to expand. This, in turn, can help to reduce pain and improve your overall posture. Not to mention, it can also promote blood circulation and help to stretch out the muscles in the lower back.

Generally speaking, you’ll have the freedom to choose from numerous inversion tables for sale that range in size, features and materials. The specific size and weight capacity will vary from one table to the next and you should check the product specifications to ensure that the table can accommodate your body type.

In terms of materials, most inversion tables for sale are made from steel, which is not only durable but also sturdy enough to accommodate a range of users. Some tables may also come with a foam backrest for additional comfort while others have an adjustable headrest to support your neck and head.

As for how often you should use an inversion table, it really depends on your individual needs and goals. If you’re using it to manage chronic back pain, then you might want to use the device for a few minutes a day or a couple of times per week. However, if you’re using it for preventive purposes, then you can invert for a few minutes a couple of times per week.

How Much Does a Good Inversion Table Cost?

The cost for most inversion tables can range between $100 and $1000 depending on the model, manufacturer and material. When in the search for the right model, keep in mind to take into account the table’s material quality, features and adjustability. For instance, some models may have safety straps, handles, and even water bottles and all of these things can make the price go up. So, the model you choose should be based on both your personal needs and feature preferences.

Reduced Back Pain with Back Stretchers

Reduced Back Pain with Back Stretchers

Back stretchers are another way of reducing back pain. Whether the pain is caused by an injury or some health condition, a back stretcher may provide you with relief. Back stretchers usually come as arched lumber stretchers that are designed with therapeutic comfort in mind with a goal to help you relax the muscles in order to do their job.

The spine lengthening and stretching can help relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve which will result in relieving your pain. That way, a space between the vertebrae will be created which will result in relieving any pressure on the discs.

Since back stretchers are significantly smaller than inversion pain relief tables and more portable as well, you can use yours anywhere you want and not just in your home. There are many back stretchers available on the market which will enable you to find just the right type and model. Taking into account the material, quality, size and features are the things that you should take into account in order to make the right choice.

For instance, if your back is extremely sore, you can choose a soft stretcher like a bolster. These stretchers are usually padded and with no hard parts that can press the spine while laying on it. If not having any severe problem that stops you from moving, you can always opt for a sturdier and harder type of back stretcher.

As you can see, both of these tools seem to be perfect for relieving your pain, whereas the table can provide you with more benefits than just back pain relief. Even doctors recommend inversion therapy for treating these conditions, however, if the pain is persistent and won’t go away, you should immediately consult with your healthcare provider.