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Implants vs Bridges – What Method is Better for Restoring Smiles

When we’re kids, losing teeth is a natural process. But as an adult, you need to do everything possible to keep your teeth in place. Unfortunately, tooth loss can happen as a result of many different reasons. Once it happens, tooth loss becomes not just a cosmetic issue but it can lead to difficulties in speaking, decreased chewing ability, lowered self-esteem, nutrition implications and a list of other dental issues. Some of the top reasons for teeth loss are poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition, bad habits, drinking alcohol, smoking, tooth trauma and other health diseases. And some of the top solutions for teeth loss are teeth implants and dental bridges. They can both provide you with confidence and a beautiful smile, but the main question is which option is the right for you?


Dental Implants

Usually, a dental implant is made from titanium. It functions like an artificial tooth root which is attached in the place of the missing tooth. The implant is covered with a temporary protective cover while it fuses with the jawbone. This process is known as osseointegration and it takes up to a half year to be completed, but the final teeth implants result is amazingly durable and stable prosthetic. Once the process is completed, the protective cover is replaced with a temporary crown around which the gum shapes and grows in a natural way.

Dental Bridge

As the name of this procedure implies, the bridge eliminates the gap between teeth which is a result of a missing tooth. Dental bridges do not replace a tooth root like dental implants. Instead, the bridge uses the surrounding teeth as a support on which the crown is attached so it can fill the space of the missing tooth. This procedure is not time-consuming like dental implants but it’s more invasive as it requires that the surrounding teeth undergo permanent changes so they can provide the bridge with the needed support.

Both procedures work well but only if you meet the needed conditions. Dental bridges and implants both have certain requirements that must be met so you can be qualified as a right candidate for the procedure. Teeth implants can be completed only if the bone of your teeth is completely grown. This means it can’t be done before the period of adolescence. The process starts with the usage of CT or X-ray so the dentist can determine whether you have enough bone structure for implantation. If you are a smoker, you need to quit or if you suffer from some diseases like diabetes or cancer you may need additional treatments so you can become a candidate for implantation.

On the other hand, dental bridge candidacy is less restrictive. What is important here is to have stable and healthy your surrounding teeth. If you suffer from tooth decay, periodontal disease or have cracks or chips, you may need some additional treatments to straighten your teeth so they can offer a good support to the bridge.