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How to Lose Dullness in Ten Ways with Picture Frames

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Decorating with picture frames is actually surprisingly easy, coming up with ideas is a little harder. Thankfully you don’t really have to as there are 10 great ideas on this list, hopefully which you can draw inspiration from and really make your own. There are so many places you can find picture frames Australia wide, you are sure to find the right ones to match your room and décor. If you want to feel inspired, then keep on reading.

  1. Use Lace
    A great way to make a photo look even better is by simply putting a piece of lace as a backdrop to a photo that is slightly smaller than the frame. This adds a really romantic touch and can look quite nice. To keep the photo in the middle of the lace you should adhere it with something like duct tape or glue if you don’t mind adding it to the back of the photo.
  2. Label Them
    Adding interesting to your photos might be great for you, but for guests, the context can get a bit lost if they are not in the photos themselves. Adding some labels to the bottom of the frame lets guests really know the story behind each photo. It’s also a great way to keep track of your memories so you can remember them all clearly.
  3. Family Tree
    This is probably one of the most popular things you can do with photo frames and it is probably also the most sentimental. This is a great way to display you family and it’s heritage, not only that but it’s the kind of décor that really makes a house feel like a home.
  4. Photo Gallery
    Another great way to use frames is to create your own photo gallery. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t have space for artwork or cannot afford it, so why not add some prints of your favourite photos or artwork and line them up like your own personal gallery.
  5. Antique Photos
    This can look really great if the rest of your room or home has an antique feel throughout. You could add some black or white vintage photos that you might have from your grandparents, or you can just find some you really like online and put them in frames that match for that great finishing, vintage touch.
  6. Use It As A Key Holder
    This is something that can be done using only a few materials and it really spruces up the usual place you would put your keys. If you don’t already have a space this is a great opportunity to make one. All you need to do is attach a key hook to the middle of the frame and hang up the picture frame for a chic take on a boring key holder.
  7. Frame Posters
    Most of us went through a phase where bands and posters lined our bedroom walls. Now I don’t know about you, but I still love these bands! Why not make a grown up version of this and clean it up a bit with a nice big frame. This is a classy way to show music or movies that you absolutely love.
  8. Black & White Wall
    Black and white frames with black and white photos really go great, especially in the hallway or living room. The great thing about sticking to these colours is that they will match basically any room in your house. If you are not sure how to turn photos into black and white photos, there is plenty of information online.
  9. Pop Art
    This is a fun way to make your own pop art inspired piece. First, you should find picture frames in four different colours but in the same size. You then want to choose a picture and put a filter over it in the colours that you choose. Make sure you do this four separate times so you can put them in the matching frames. This is a great way to add some colour to your space all while keeping it chic.
  10. Think Outside The Box
    Don’t only restrict yourself to photos and pictures, you can put anything in a frame if you really want to. Think about a shirt, or dried flowers, maybe a lock of baby hair from your children. You really should try to use your imagination and see what you come up with. There is a great selection of picture frames Australia wide that you can find in stores and online.