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How to Decorate with Picture Frames: Traditional vs. Unconventional

Who doesn’t love taking a walk down memory lane especially when looking at some photos that captured happy moments? Or it could be a beautifully framed painting that seamlessly blends with the space, while standing out just enough to catch the eye. There are lots of creative ideas on how to use a picture frame to create a focal point in the room. And if you love being reminded of your special moments then you will surely appreciate the following traditional ideas of decorating with photos or if you want to try out something different, then the portion of unconventional ideas is sure to give you a creative nudge. Let’s get you inspired.


Traditional Ways to Decorate with Picture Frames

One great way to display your photos in frames is to put them on the shelves in the living room. You can put one on every shelf to create a minimal but collected look. You can even put frames in the back of the shelves in order to create layers and add depth. This is a great idea to show off special photos such as wedding photos together with meaningful personal memorabilia. A good tip if you like this idea is to create a specific colour scheme such as black and white or white and wood tones so that you can achieve a cohesive look.

Another interesting idea on how to display your photos is to hang them above the nightstand in your bedroom. All you need to do is buy picture frames that blend with the design of the room and choose a very special photo that can make your day when you wake up and take a look at it. You can use a very simple sleek frame so that all the attention goes to the picture in it and by hanging it on the wall you can free some space on the nightstand to store your nightly essentials or other favourite decor details.

One of my top 3 favourite ideas is to create a gallery wall for your photos. For that purpose, you need to buy picture frames of different sizes and put them together to create one big impactful gallery wall. It is better if the frames are monochromatic so that they can blend well with the wall colour and leave the emphasis on the photos inside. Regarding the actual the concept, you can let your imagination go wild and create a wall with photos presenting the chronological growth of your kids or maybe wedding anniversary photos.

Unconventional Ways to Decorate with Picture Frames

A great way to use a picture frame is to turn it into a notice board with some meaningful messages and put it in the hallway above the console table. It can really be a heart-warming detail your partner or your kids can read or use to leave a note for you which will serve as a reminder or it can simply a message for having a nice day.

If you want to bring creative and artsy ideas into the bathroom, you can use a picture frame and upcycle it as a bathroom shelf. In this way, you can organise all of your most commonly used bathroom products together with some decorative details like ceramic bowls, a lucky elephant souvenir or a vase with a flower so that you can break the pattern of usual bathroom designs and turn it into a warmer place. Another interesting idea is to use the frame as your towel bar but you have to make sure there is enough space to hang the towels.

Finally, if you want to up your game as a DIY-er, you can use a picture frame and transform it into a charging station for your smart devices. This way, you’ll be able to safely place your phone or tablet on the frame will being able to keep the screen visible and usable.