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How to Choose an Outdoor Pizza Oven

When shopping for a pizza oven, bear in mind the many characteristics you’re looking for, how frequently you’ll be using it, and the conditions where you’ll be installing it. Surely, most pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use since there are hardly any better entertainment centrepieces for backyards and outdoor kitchens.

1. So, how does a pizza oven operate?

Most well-designed pizza barbecue ovens offer the option of cooking using radiant, convection, or conduction heat. Most of the time, all three methods of heat exchange are used simultaneously, however, some oven types perform better than others.

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Radiant heat is generated by the fire as well as the heated dome and oven floor. This type of heat is comparable to that of a typical oven broiler. Conduction is the transfer of heat between two substances that are in direct touch with each other.

Heat travelling directly from the hot cooking floor to your pizza or cast iron pan is a wonderful example. Convection heat is generated by the air that circulates around the oven dome and over your dish. By opening and shutting the pizza oven door, you may control the convection heat.

2. What characteristics are important in a pizza barbecue oven?

When answering this question, there are a few crucial elements to consider. First and foremost, the quality of the insulation is critical; you need an oven that retains heat well so that your pizzas cook in a balanced way. Second, the oven’s size is just as important, so you’ll need one that can hold all of your pizzas in one go.

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Finally, the oven’s construction is critical. You’ll want an oven composed of high-quality materials that will serve you for years when you’re enjoying yourself on the patio on your comfortable outdoor armchair and benches.

3. What are the most common types of pizza ovens?

Now that I covered the basics of barbeque pizza ovens work, let’s take a closer look at some of the most prevalent types of ovens on the market:


A wood-fired pizza oven can reach temperatures of 1200°. Once the pizza has been created to your exact requirements, it can be fully cooked in as little as 2 minutes. Fast cooking improves food flavour, and the smokiness of the wood improves the taste of the pizza.

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With a gas pizza oven, you have perfect temperature control without the need for additional fuel. Except for waiting a few minutes for it to be ready to cook, you don’t need to bother about the temperature after your flame is lit. Gas pizza ovens have the distinct advantage of being portable and usable both in and out of the home.

Importantly, wood fires are not permitted in rural places such as campgrounds and woodland areas for safety and pollution reasons. Gas heat sources are far safer to use and do not need to be left unattended for long periods of time; simply switch it off when you’re through.


The benefits of an electric pizza stove are not limited to cooking times and portability. They are also relatively small in comparison to traditional gas or charcoal barbeques required for outdoor ovens. You can find high-quality electrical pizza broilers online. There is also no need for expensive wood to make them operate because power works similarly. These broilers are used in restaurants around the country because they are more energy efficient, easy to use, store, and clean.

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4. How frequently will you use it?

Another thing to think about is how much you intend to use your pizza oven. If you only want to use it from time to time, a less expensive model may be ideal. If you want to use your oven regularly, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-end model that includes features such as temperature monitoring and large cooking areas. The pizza barbecue ovens are available in a range of sizes and layouts, so choose one with enough cooking space for your needs.

Family or Single Meal

A smaller oven is ideal if you only want to make one Neapolitan-style pizza or dish at a time, such as for an occasional family supper or as a barbeque option. If you also want a faster heat-up time, a metal oven may be the best solution. There are miniature metal ovens that can handle 1-2 pies at a time and heat up quickly. Of course, small brick ovens cook relatively slowly but maintain heat for a much longer period of time due to heat absorption in the bricks.

Larger Gatherings

A smaller oven does not always suffice, and you may want to consider a larger one to accommodate a variety of different meals. An oven with a bit larger capacity would be in order for the party animals, or leaders of a large family pack. A larger oven does not sacrifice cooking time or quality, so it’s a win-win situation for anyone hosting large crowds. A brick oven may be the ideal option if you cook for extended periods of time and appreciate the oven heat-up time.


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