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Home Décor: Handmade vs. Mass Produced Vases

When it comes to home decor, details are everything. Sure, furniture catches the eye, it’s essential, and it is the basis of your home decor style, but just like with paintings, it’s the little things that truly make up the bigger picture. Depending on your preferred decor style, you have an array of decorative items to choose from and add to your space to wrap everything up nicely.


It’s very important to follow your decor style when choosing them as, otherwise, you will end up with a home that gives off a messy feeling, a home without much balance. I mean, you can’t paint a lovely lavender blossom and use magenta all over the place, right? However, if we do continue with this painting analogy, we’ll come to the realization that some things just work anywhere. Think of your primary colours, your blacks and your whites, all the shades that can fit anywhere and feel like they’re right at home. Well, the same happens with home decor items, too! 

Stuff like picture frames, rugs, and vases, for example, are just a few of those items that can be added to any space ever and really tie it together. From minimalist and Scandi to vintage and rustic – they work and they work very well. 

Today, I’d like to concentrate on only one great detail though – vases.

Vases: A Timeless Tale of Home Decor

An immortal piece that has been around for thousands of years, vases originate from Ancient Egypt. Used for decorative purposes, vases were all about simplicity back then, letting what’s inside steal the show. Handmade out of natural materials, they could be found everywhere, from the homes of a pharaoh to the houses of the simple folk. 


Through the years, however, vases have changed and evolved, and nowadays we have a huge variety to choose from. Production novelties have allowed us to really up our game and offer not-so-simple vases to the masses, vases that are truly a piece of art by themselves, and most importantly – ones that are easily available to the masses. You can buy bulk ceramic vases or a single clay vase with just a few clicks online.

Still, even though mass production offers a fast and simple way of getting a vase, it’s the handmade items that are still in the spotlight and are highly sought. Wondering why? Let me explain. 


While mass production allows for more items to be made at once, handmade clay vases are all about diversity. Don’t get me wrong, you can still buy handmade bulk ceramic vases as well as singles, but what you get will differ greatly. Factory-made vases follow a template and no matter how cool or cute that template is, in the end, it’s just one in a row of millions. Heavily dependent on what’s trending at the moment, mass-produced vases can only offer so many styles.

Handmade vases, however, are the true heroes when it comes to a variety of styles. Dependent only on the creativity and imagination of those who make them, handmade ceramic vases follow no pattern and are born out of the unique vision the person making them has. 

ceramic vases painting process

This results in a variety of different styles you can choose from, styles that you can’t find anywhere else. True gems of home decor, handmade ceramic vases are all about your unique taste and expression, offering an easy, yet effective way to enrich your personal space and separate it from the rest. 


Handmade ceramic vases don’t know the pressures mass-produced ones do. Highly concentrated on making a unique product, the people crafting these items have the time and the love to really dive deep into the manufacturing process and make pieces that will be unique and one-of-a-kind. That’s why, when looking for a vase that’s special and is able to really add something more to your space, you should always turn to handmade. 

The handmaking process may be strenuous and take time, but it’s quite a rewarding one, producing vases with original detailing that doesn’t repeat. No matter how many vases the maker creates that day, no two are alike. Rich with personal touches, individuality, and distinctiveness, these vases are a true artwork worthy of being displayed and bragged about. 

handmade vase

On the other hand, it’s all about falling in line and following that strict pattern with the factory-made items. The things that truly make a handmade vase are considered a production error when it comes to mass-produced ones and result in that vase never seeing the light of day. A soulless process, it doesn’t just eliminate individuality but tries to eliminate it, which is exactly what nobody wants to do when their home is in question. 


When you invest in something, I’m sure that you’d want it to last for a long time, especially when that item is part of your home decor palette. As mass-produced items are on a strict timing schedule and the purpose is to make as many as possible, their durability can suffer, with manufacturers investing in lower grade materials to save up in the name of numbers. 

Handmakers, however, don’t have this issue, and as they usually are smaller manufacturers with a lot of love for what they do they invest in high-quality materials only, materials that can promise decades of use without suffering from the teeth of time.

bulk ceramic-vases

You may think that because of this handmade items will be much pricier than their factory-made cousins, but that’s really not the truth. Even though, yes, you will have to pay a bit extra for a handmade vase, the difference isn’t high at all.

When shopping for handcrafted ceramic vases or handmade clay vases remember that you’re paying for years upon years of them gracing your home, you’re paying for idiosyncrasy, you’re paying for an item with a soul that will give your home the unique vibe it deserves and it won’t repeat it anywhere else. 

Handmade is all about you, mass-made is all about someone else.