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History and Symbolic Meaning of Jewelry: How to Find the Right Gift

The history of jewellery and body art reveals the trails that humanity has taken. As we all know, humans (and some animals) feel the need to adorn themselves in symbolic and ritualistic ways.

The first ornaments were made from animal bones and teeth, shells, stones, and wood, and they represented status, power, or mysticism. Today, jewellery of precious metals is still the epitome of status, elegance, and power, but even more – it’s the ultimate gift for yourself and the ones you love.

Choose the Appropriate Jewellery for the Occasion

a woman wearing an elegant necklace

A piece of jewellery can say a thousand words… But what is your particular gift saying to the recipient? Jewellery has been worn for thousands of years, and it was traditionally worn as a symbol of wealth and power as it was a luxury enjoyed primarily by royalty. However, archaeological discoveries show that people of all classes still made and used various body ornaments.

And when resources were scarce, creativity flourished. To this day, jewellery is regarded as one of the best gifts one can give and receive. Because jewellery is both beautiful and timeless, we frequently associate a specific piece with a person or event. However, selecting the appropriate piece is critical, because it makes a difference whether you give someone a finger ring or a necklace, and whether the jewellery is a luxurious or cheap gift made of gold, silver, diamonds or cheap materials.

Rings – for someone special or for yourself

a diamond ring in a pink velvet box

Rings appear as symbols in Greek mythology as well, implying that the history of wearing rings dates back to antiquity. In mythology, a ring on each finger represents a god or goddess, each with unique characteristics. When you’re shopping for rings for sale by yourself, style them in a way where you have the same number of rings on both hands if you want a more uniformed look.

However, it can still work depending on your wardrobe and other accessories. Furthermore, if you intend to wear a gold ring and watch on one hand, avoid wearing anything else on the other hand, other than one or two gentler, more elegant rings, so that your look is not thrown off. In addition to rings being popular outfit accessories, we all have bought or exchanged rings with someone at some point in our lives. As you know, intricate rings are a powerful piece of jewellery that has long been associated with unions, particularly romantic unions.

That’s why we exchange them for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary Burgundy in 1477, and the first diamond engagement ring was created. This exchange started a tradition that spread throughout elite societies. However, engagement rings did not become popular among the general public until the mid-nineteenth century. Today, rings are also a wonderful gesture of benevolence and respect from a parent to a child and vice versa.

Pendant necklace – a gift for those that are near the heart

Necklaces may have been one of the first types of human adornment. They are frequently used for ceremonial, religious, mystical, or burial purposes, and they are also used as symbols of wealth and power due to their common use of precious metals and stones.

That being said, another straightforward symbol of love is a gift of a beautiful golden or silver necklace. The necklace can be many different lengths, but it always rests next to the heart, making it the ideal gift for someone you care about. Choose a simple and timeless gold or silver chain and personalise it with a pendant that represents the recipient, such as letters, numbers, freeform, or religious symbols.

Small earrings – a safe present for your friends

simple diamond earrings in a box

Earrings have been worn for over 7000 years and originated in ancient Asia. Egyptians used to wear earrings to show that they were wealthy or of a higher social class. Earrings, on the other hand, were only worn by slaves in ancient Rome and in ancient Greece. And in today’s world, if you want to be on the safe side of gift-giving something meaningful, go with a lovely pair of simple earrings.

They are always a big hit. Their size does not need to be adjusted, they can be worn by anyone, and they rarely send signals that the recipient or the rest of the world may misinterpret. Choose a pair of small, classic studs with small pearl, stone, diamond, or sculptural earrings if your recipient isn’t afraid to stand out.

Bracelets – ideal for those who enjoy wearing jewellery

Archaeologists discovered the first bracelets, which date back to around 2500 BC. People from southern Mesopotamia were the first to wear bracelets. In the year 2023, a bracelet is an ideal gift for someone who appreciates jewellery and likes diverse pieces to stack up.

You can mix and match bracelets and wear several on your wrist at the same time, as well as mix colours, styles, and looks. A simple and elegant bracelet in silver or gold is a great gift for the bold fashionista in your life, or for someone who likes to be a little more daring and choose a unique piece of bracelet that is sure to be a conversation starter.