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Taking Your HiLux Off-Road: Suspension Vs. Body Lift Kits


If you’re a HiLux owner who wants to take on new, adrenaline-filled, off-road adventures, then you should probably consider lifting your HiLux’s body or suspension in order to get the best experience possible. Suspension and body lifts can greatly improve your off-road driving experience, and it’s one of the most common 4×4 modifications made on off-road Toyota HiLux vehicles.

You can easily find Toyota body lift components and suspension kits online at affordable prices – they’re one of the largest, yet most affordable modifications you can make on your HiLux. However, how do you know whether a suspension body lift is the better solution for your HiLux? The truth is, both lifts provide versatility and style to your vehicle, but they have a different impact on the overall driving experience.

Body Lifts

Body lifts lift the HiLux by utilizing spacers under the cab. Toyota body lift components are totally separate from the suspension components, and there’s a wide range of heights that body lift kits can be purchased in. One of their biggest benefits is that they can lift the body without impacting the ride. Additionally, you can use them in conjunction with suspension lifts and go even higher than you would with just a suspension or body lift kit. Some other benefits of body lift kits are the ease of installation and cost. They’re more affordable and significantly easier to install than suspension kits. They have one downside though – body lift kits leave an unsightly gap between the bed and cab which is visible above the back tyres peeking in toward the wheel well. Nevertheless, that’s just a visual downside.

Suspension Lifts

Suspension lifts, on the other hand, require a lot of modification and you get a completely different driving experience. Not only are you getting more height, but more suspension travel and ground clearance as well. You can fit more aggressive and larger tyres and wheels. Additionally, you can add wider fender flares to complete the look. Those who look to go off-road with their HiLux can greatly benefit from performance coilovers as they have bigger bodies to hold more oil and keep them cool. Plus, the spring rates can be adjusted to handle more weight from the winches and steel bumpers. Performance coilovers usually lift the truck anywhere from 2 to 3 inches in an attempt to keep the HiLux’s centre of gravity lower for the sake of improved stability.