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Hair extensions vs wigs

Brunette Hair Extension Clip -InNowadays hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. Hair extension is a process of adding hair (either synthetic or real human hair extensions) to your own hair. It is recommended for this procedure to be performed by a professional hair stylist who can also show you how to maintain your hair extensions.

There are several basic methods for hair extensions attachment: clip in hair extensions, strand by strand procedure with keratin and by sewing hair extensions client’s natural hair. Human hair extensions are much more expensive than the synthetic ones, but are more durable, of better quality and have last longer. Human hair extensions can be treated with flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer and can even be dyed, unlike synthetic hair extensions. Hair extensions give you a whole new look in just few hours. This is the secret to today’s modern concept of beauty.

Aside from being a powerful beaty tool, various hairpieces and extensions are the answer to fighting hair loss. Wigs are the easiest and fastest way to see yourself as a seductive blonde or brunette with long or short hair. They are no longer a trademark of popular music icons and famous celebrities who look different and sometimes even controversial. A wig can return confidence to those who are “harmed” by nature and suffer from hair loss.

However, before you purchase one of these beauty accessories, you must be well informed in order to make the right choice. Wigs, as well as hair extensions, are made from either synthetic or natural hair and cover 100% of your head. Also, make sure you purchase them from reputable brand. Every good hair salon offers good and high quality human remy extensions, unprocessed virgin hair and high quality human hair. Select from the wide range of hair extensions and choose the one that best suit you.

Whether you choose hair extensions or wigs solely depends on what you need them for. If you have serious problem with hair loss, your best option are wigs. If you want to style and thicken your hair, hair extensions are the right choice for you.


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