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Growing Plants Indoors vs. Outdoors

Regardless if you have acres of land, a small garden patch, or only a windowsill in a tiny apartment – anyone can find the necessary space, outdoors or indoors, for growing some beautiful plants. After all, where there’s a will – there’s always a way. Obviously, all plants were initially grown outdoors but when we started living in large cities we had to take our lovely greenery with us, even if that meant bringing it up to the 10th floor, far form its natural environment. If you’re planning to bring in some plants which are typically grown outside, you might be wondering what the difference is and which conditions you should meet to make the plants feel right at home.

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From the start, we should stress out that not all plants are able to survive in a closed environment. So, don’t even think about raising sunflowers and strawberries in a pot. The plants that can thrive best in your home are the ones that grow in similar conditions naturally and have a high temperature tolerance. Since the average room temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius, consider plants that have high temperature tolerance. Also remember that indoor plants won’t get as much sunlight like outdoor plants do. That being said, tropical plants are perhaps the best choice for indoor plants since they love room temperature and do not need much sunlight.

But growing plants indoors doesn’t mean you can only stick to the purely tropical and decorative species. All herbs and certain vegetable species such as tomatoes and peppers can successfully be grown indoors provided that you meet all the necessary conditions. For vegetables you need to provide a stable base on which they can grow in and a large enough planter. You can pick a sleek modern planter and have herbs such as basil double as lively décor as well. Just don’t forget to place modern planters indoor by a south facing window so that they can absorb the necessary daily amount of sunlight.

Besides the amount of sunlight and the temperature, the biggest difference between growing plants indoors and outdoors is that outdoor soil absorbs moisture from underground water basins which helps keep the roots fresh. That’s why when you use modern planters indoor it’s always a good decision to go with ones that have a self-watering feature which can make up for the lack of moisture in the soil. What’s more, self-watering planters are also a great choice if you’re forgetful or simply can’t find the time to water your plants as often as necessary.