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Giorgio vs. Emporio Armani Sunglasses: Luxurious and Stylish Accessories

Armani sunglasses have transcended their functional purpose to become a timeless fashion accessory. With a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design, the Italian fashion house has consistently redefined elegance in eyewear. Their sunglasses collection displays a perfect amalgamation of style and sophistication, appealing to fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. From Hollywood celebrities to fashionistas across the globe, the allure of Armani sunglasses remains unyielding, as they exude an air of charm and class. 
Both Giorgio and Emporio Armani are iconic brands, identified for their sleek and unstructured look, offering a range of eyewear, cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories for men and women. The sunglasses collections have a modern take on vintage styles with acetate and metal frames, and tinted lenses, but with certain differences that we will explain below.

History and Legacy

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The notable Italian fashion brand was formed by Giorgio Armani in 1975, and aside from the high-end clothing and apparel lines, the company is also famed for the captivating designs of watches, accessories, and scents. Among the various products and brands, the collection of sunglasses Emporio Armani came from recognising the need to target the young adult market. 
In 1981, the visionary designer founded Emporio Armani as a youthful, more accessible brand under the Armani umbrella. This new line aimed to cater to a younger, contemporary audience seeking stylish and modern designs. The novelty brand swiftly gained popularity due to its unmatched quality and elegance, mirroring the timeless essence in Giorgio Armani’s creations. The brand’s sunglasses quickly found their way onto the faces of prominent figures in the entertainment industry and fashion elite, propelling them to international acclaim.

Giorgio Armani vs. Emporio Armani

Design and Aesthetics

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The luxury Giorgio Armani eyewear collections incorporate classic shapes, clean lines, and neutral colours, giving them a versatile and sophisticated look. The focus on simplicity and attention to detail makes them a favourite among those who appreciate understated yet high-end fashion. The vintage line features tortoiseshell style frames, round and cat-eye frames with traditional optical styles.
The sunglasses Emporio Armani reflect a contemporary and trendy style with more casual unisex frame designs. They feature bolder shapes, including minimalist rectangular and round for men, and square, cat-eye, and butterfly frames for women. The experimental colours and innovative materials give them a more fashion-forward look, which makes them more appealing to the fashion-savvy youth. The extremely popular aviator style for men and the rimless tops and stylized bottom rims for women have made the brand a favourite among the younger generations.

Price Range

As the flagship brand, Giorgio Armani tends to be positioned in the higher price range. Its sunglasses are considered luxury accessories, commanding a premium for the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship, and prestige. The higher price points also reflect the use of high-quality materials and the exclusivity associated with the name. 
Emporio Armani, being the diffusion line of the brand, offers a more accessible price range, somewhere between the brand’s signature line and the more affordable Armani Exchange streetwear collection. While still considered a luxury brand, they come at a lower price point, appealing to a wider range of consumers. 

Target Audience and Reputation

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Giorgio Armani sunglasses primarily targets mature customers who appreciate a refined sense of style and clientele that seeks luxury products with enduring appeal and are willing to invest in timeless elegance. These are loyal customers, who appreciate the quality and reputation built on decades of excellence. Emporio Armani sunglasses cater to a younger demographic with a more dynamic lifestyle who seek stylish accessories to express their individuality. It is associated with pop culture and celebrity endorsements, attracting a broad following worldwide.

5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

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Apart from being a stylish accessory, sunglasses are beneficial for your eyes in many ways. From improving vision by cutting down the glare to preventing more serious eye problems, there are plenty of reasons to wear your shades regularly.
1. Protection from UVA and UVB rays: One of the most important reasons to start wearing sunglasses more frequently is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can lead to cataracts and blur vision, deterioration of the central vision, and premature macular degeneration. High-quality eye shields will keep your eyes protected and healthier.
2. Reduced glare: Clear vision is crucial if you are driving or doing an outdoor activity in bright light. Shadeswith tinted lenses can decrease the glare and improve the contrast and colours of your view, so you can focus more easily. This will prevent you from squinting and straining your eyes.
3. Protection from the elements: Spending time outdoors and enjoying your favourite activities can be more rewarding when you protect your eyes. Whether you are skiing, fishing, or dirt biking, the snow, wind, or dust can irritate your eyes and affect your vision. Snow blindness and the reflection of the sun on water surfaces can cause temporary loss of vision and prevent you from fully enjoying your adventures. Polarised lenses with in-built filters block the glare and give you better vision.
4. Prevent headaches: Bright sunlight can trigger or exacerbate tension, headaches, and migraines causing pain and discomfort. Wearing lenses that can block UVA and UVB rays will allow you to spend more time outdoors and soak up the sun while feeling comfortable. 
5. Prevent wrinkles: Squinting every time you are exposed to bright light and UV rays causes early onset of wrinkles around your eyes. Sunglasses, especially the ones with oversized frames will cover your eyes and surrounding skin keeping you looking younger. 

Final Thoughts

The choice between Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani sunglasses depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Both brands offer style and quality, and above all proper protection for your eyes. With a vast assortment of frame shapes and designs, you can find a pair that is both flattering to your face and overall style, as well as your eye health.